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Jiwon- Summative Assesment

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on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Jiwon- Summative Assesment

At School

School Buildings
Most schools are located in the countries. The big difference about today is there's just 25 students in each schools.

In 1920, more and more people moved to cities for work. So more and more schools were needed in schools.
The Students
Long ago, it was unfair because their ages ranged from 6-18. And also, well, of course sometimes students learned together with their older siblings or younger siblings.
Long Ago
There was no school day because there was a lot of days that we don't need to go to school. Besides, most children need to work at home, not a school.
Getting to School
They getting to schools with their legs(walk) for 1 hour. If they're lucky, they got to school with their horses. But if they couldn't ride the horse, the horse could pull them to school in a wagon or sleigh.
When school buses are invented?
In 1913, children began riding school buses to arrive a school(picture: P.8).
4th grade

Ms. Margot's Class
There was one room school at long ago. It looks like:
It has only 1 room.
It's small.
It's at country.
And the amazing part that happened at long ago is.. There was a lot of students in that small school. Besides, 6 years to 18 years are studied at same room.
School Workers
Long ago, teachers were often had to spent ten hours a day at school. And they were often had to arrive early in the morning to build the fire that heated the school house. They were also responsible for keeping the school house clean.
The Classroom
Long ago, in the classroom, girls sat on the side of the room and boys sat on the other. They set on the benches or at desks.

They had
teacher's desk, a blackboard, a flag, and maps
like a moron day.

And the horrible thing or funniest thing is school's floar is made by dirt(some of those) and... regular school's floar is made by wood.
Books and Materials
Long ago, students used chalk and slates (if you want to see slates, click anywhere.) to do their work. And they used it for practice spelling and math at their seats.

And also, there weren't a lot of books, so they shared their books for education.
long ago, students learned their lessons through drills, reciting, and memorizing. During drills, teachers would ask each student questions, and students had to stand up to answer.

Students memorized poems and had to recite them by memory.
Music, Art and Physical Education
Art and music were mostly considered unnecessary. Students went to school to learn to read, write, and do math.

They stretched inside the classroom, and they exersiced outside the classroom. And they didn't do exercise everyday.
Long ago, students had on hour for lunch. They thought lunch is really important, so they went home for lunch or another reason is they didn't bring a lunchbox.

They often brought left overs from last night's dinner or bread smeared with lard.

Lucky students had a piece of chocolate cake or a piece of homemade pie( ). Long ago, schools didn't give a food to children. Children need to bring their lunch.
Children had a short recess in the morning. But it was longer than lunch recess.
There were no slides or other playground equipment(it was just open fields around the school building).
1. Long ago, they didn't go to the school for a long time.
Now, students didn't do work, and they are going to school a lot.

2. Long ago, They walked to school.
Now, they ride school buses.

3. Long ago, most schools were located at countries.
Now, most schools are located at cities.
4. Long ago, There was just 1 class, and everyone learned together even they are young or order than another students.
Now, classes are divided by grade. Also, there are more than 1 classes in same grade.
5. Long ago, teachers spent ten hours a day. They did a lot of worked at school.
Now, teachers still work long hours, but there are many school workers to help them.
6. Long ago, girls sat on one side of the room and boys sat on the other. And classroom had a teacher's desk, a blackboard, a flag, and maps.
Now, girls and boys sit next to each other in class. They might sit at desks or tables, like classrooms long ago. They have same materials like long ago.
7. Long ago, they used chalk and slates and slates(small chalkboard).
Now, students have a lot of materials and they use computer, too.
8. Long ago, the lessons were drills, reciting and memorizing.
Now, they are learn a lessons with many materials, which is textbooks, library books and science equipment.
9. Long ago, art and music were mostly considered unnecessary.
Many schools have regular music and art classes.
10. Long ago, students had 1 hour for lunch. They didn't ate enough at lunch time.
Now, Students had 30 hours for lunch. They eating enough.
11. Long ago, they got short recess. There's nothing to play with, there's just a field.
Now, they get enough times for recess. Also there's many equipment for play with.
12. Long ago, there's just a little time for study, so many parents pay for their children for their schooling.
Now, children do many thing at school. Also there's some club or sports to them in the school.
There's a lot of difference about long ago and modern day.
for read it!!
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