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Introduction to Pornography 101

No description

Sandra Simone Dixon

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Introduction to Pornography 101

What is it, how'd it start, the types,
the business, who monitors it, the consequences, and solutions. Pornography 101: What is Pornography ? So what do we do now ? Softcore
-pornography typically containing depictions of sexual activity, such as sexual intercourse or masturbation but does not contain explicit depictions of vaginal or anal penetration, cunnilingus, fellatio and ejaculation.

-depicting sex acts between
persons of any age, including
bondage, fetishes,or sex with animals. Styles of Film Pornography Since most pornography companies, like most industries, are male-dominated, were starting to see women step out and make a name for themselves by transitioning from in front of the camera to behind the camera.

Women tend to be more comfortable with women and thus we assume that our needs, desires concerns and problems would be first priority to produce a female oriented porn.

You'd think this would be great and a step in the right direction, but not when these women are the embodiment of the Female Chauvinists Pig. Problems Aside from arm twisting from other women to preform brutal, degrading and painful sex acts, the porn industry doesn't have a concise manual or rule book that tells you how to run your company and abide by federal obscenity laws. But even when you are aware of the obscenity laws , there's not a justice league kicking in doors to make sure your performers are getting their monthly STI tests, or that (as of this past election) your abiding by the new condom law for adult sex workers. There are thousands of pornography companies producing films daily and just not enough people to watch every single one to make sure there abiding by federal law.

Most modern porn companies are male run and male
dominated. In order to get their performers to feel "good"
it's nothing for alcohol and drug use and/or abuse to go
unnoticed or even over looked. There their to make a movie
and their paying you to be in it and as long as you do your
job `they could care less what it takes to get you to do so. More Reasons for Concern Theres alot you can do.

-Call the police

-Call your cable/satellite provider & file a complaint

-Support, buy, and watch feminist porn

-Spread the message 1: the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement

2: material (as books or a photograph) that depicts erotic behavior and is intended to cause sexual excitement

3: the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction <the pornography of violence> The history Literature

Pornography in it's earliest form got it's start in writing

Erotic novels have been in print since around the mid-1600's.

The first full length English novel, "Memoirs of a Woman's Pleasure", better know as "Fanny Hill" wasn't published until 1748 in France.

The was followed by the works of Marquis De Sade; 120 Days of Sodom, Justine and Juliette in the late 1700's.

Books like Fanny Hill and Marquis De Sade explored topics like group sex, bisexuality, voyeurism , BDSM relationships and a lot more topics before they even had a name for it.

The word Sadism (the sexual pleasure or gratification in the infliction of pain and suffering upon another person) is actually derived from
De Sade since that was his perversion despite imprisonment and exile. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/video/flv/generic.html?s=frol02seacq341&continuous=1 Photography

Around 1840,Louis Daguerre invented the Daguerreotype, the earliest form of photography. He presented it as a gift to the french people and soon many types of pictures were being produced. The earliest surviving pornographic daguerreotypes show women in various pose's that we really wouldn't consider pornographic. FILM
By the late 1880's two filmakers, Étienne-Jules Marey and Hannibal Goodwin developed the film strip first from glass then to paper and we never looked back.

By the early 1900's stag films, parties where early porn films where shown, were being shown across the country, only to men.

Porn gets popular

The development of film to include sound and color paved the way for movies to become what they are today and even for pornography to hit the main stream.
In 1972 DEEP THROAT was released to a limited audience in adult theaters and was the first of it's kind. To date this first feature length pornography film has grossed over 100 million dollars. When producing porn your making films to target a specific audience. And since no ones the same neither is any video because whats turns you might not turn the next person on.

pretty much if you can think of it you might be able to find it if you look hard enough.

The website xnxx.com has over 117 tags on the home page alone with over 500 on the full list. On average it cost's as low as $20,000 to produce a film. and as much as $100,000,although Deep Throat had a budget of just under $50,000.

The pay for actors depends on what their doing as well as what their willing to do.
Linda Lovelace the star of Deep throat was paid around $1,200 for her role in the movie.

Now a days performers are paid by the scene, not by the movie,with roughly 5 scenes
per film.
Women are paid $400–$1,000 per scene, whereas men on the other hand,earn
anywhere from$300 – $400 per scene with beginners usually getting between
$100 to $200 per scene.

However they do not receive any profit from the film, just the publicity. The
Business The Types Some example
tags are Lolita, Creampie, cuckoling, Furry,
Felching, Fisting, Bukkake, Medical,
Teacher/Student, Squirting, Red Head,
Pregnant,Home-made, Gang Bang,
Tranny and even Granny.

Pretty much it's up to whether or not you have the time to find your kink. The real money starts rolling in when people start buying the movie.

The highest selling movie from Hustler is their Barely Legal Series which features women who've recently became legal and are breaking out into the porn industry.

In the year 2000 they were on their 34th film and as of today their on there 132nd film. In 2009 alone the porn industry grossed 4.9 billion dollars in revenue.

However the profits from porn isn't just enticing to
the performers, it's appealing to big name companies as well.

GM, AOL, Marriott and Hilton all receive kick backs for selling adult programing either in their hotels or through their cable and/or satellite companies. However, just like with any other business there's always problems...and when they need answers they call their lawyer, Paul Cambria. Janet Romano, aka Lizzie Borden, and her husband Rob Black own the company Extreme Associations that specializes in extreme adult videos
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