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What is the Author's Purpose? Search for discovery....

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Aaronia Ferguson

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of What is the Author's Purpose? Search for discovery....

What is the Author's Purpose? Search for discovery....
Author's Purpose.......... to entertain
For narratives, authors use description and events to give the reader insight into the plot, characters, setting, and conflicts of the story.

1. Why did this happen?
2. What does it reveal to us (the reader) about the character, plot, setting or conflict?

Determining Author's Purpose
for setting,point of view, foreshadowing, theme
Listen to the following song.......
Follow along on your page as the song plays
Do not write anything down....just listen

Why is this significant? What is the author showing us through their writing?
Look at the chart located on your paper.
For each element listed you are going to pull a quote from the text that applies to that element.
Then you are going to explain how that quote connects to the overall message of the song:
there is always opportunity in adversity

Lets take a closer look!!!!!!
Do Now
Write about a place that means a lot to you. Be sure to explain the special connection you have to this place (5 mins)
Dig Deep for Purpose
Element: Characterization
Quote: "Born right here in the USA//But, due to tragedy looked on by the whole world as a refugee

The author characterizes the speaker as a "refugee" because he wants to show the reader that the speaker feels like an outsider, in the country he was born in, due to the events surrounding this "tragedy."
Using the following passages to correctly answer questions about the purpose and significance of p,o.v., setting, and foreshadowing to the work as a whole.
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