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Bridge Prezi

No description

Vikas C.

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Bridge Prezi

Problem Given 18' of balsa sticks,
design and build a truss style bridge that
spans 12". Video Design Improvements The Wiggle Bridge Luke Petty
Alex Holt
Nick Tran
Vikas Chanduri Performance Try to keep the main bottom member from bending during construction Critical Load of the Bridge = ______ grams

Final Weight of the Bridge = _____ grams

Our Final Efficiency was ______ times its own weight

We placed ____ out of ____ groups in our class

We placed _____ out of _____ groups in the school 3788 9.9 382.63 5 8 17 28 Resources Materials Wish List Wood glue Balsa sticks
Foam board
Wax paper
Bridge destructor
Computer ( Adobe Programs/ Internet )
Timber cutter
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