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Social Studies MSL CR items

No description

Rachel Surles

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Social Studies MSL CR items

Measures of Student Learning
Final Exams
How to craft a constructed response on the Science exams
What is a constructed response?
The trend in national standards-based testing is to remove the possibility for students to guess their answers!
Constructed Responses require students to "construct" or develop their answers without the benefit of suggestions or choices.
Ask students to apply knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities
Place emphasis on application of learning
require evidence to support answers
require effective writing
What are students expected to do?
How much do they count on the
Social Studies Exams?
Not sure...but there are 1-2 questions at the end of your Final Exam.
How much time do students have?
41 MC items
2 CR items
120 minutes...limited space to write
Step 1: Identify thinking-skill vocabulary terms
Students can grasp all the content knowledge and vocabulary, but do they truly understand the question stem?
take a position
You will have a formula to follow:
Students do better when they enter a test with confidence.
Even the most hesitant writers, especially in Social Studies class, can follow a formula.
How to ACE a CR question
A - Answer
C - Cite
E - Explain
S - Sum it up
Answer the question or
restate the prompt
1 specific, straightforward sentence
written as if the reader does not know
the prompt (topic of discussion)
Cite evidence from the prompt or content knowledge
Pull "quotes" from the prompt and or
bring in facts that you learned in class
Explain your
examples in detail
2 to 3 sentences of examples or detailed explanations about the topic
*the C and E can be combined
Sum it up
1 sentence to conclude the topic you discussed
Remember your ACES!
Step 3: Practice
Create CR questions and rubrics for students to practice.
Civics and Economics
Choose a North Carolina industry and explain its importance in the national economy. Include two examples of that industry's global importance.
Forestry in North Carolina is an essential industry to the state's economic success.
This industry has multiple facets, reaching from commercial production to tourism from both national and international groups, that positively impact the economy.
Moreover, the forestry industry in this state is impacting the economy globally.
With almost 20 million acres of timberland, commercial and private farmers are responsible for products such as furniture, Christmas trees, and paper. Pertaining to tourism, people form all over the world come to enjoy our state parks and hunting opportunities, both supported by our trees.
Social Studies
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