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Google Balloon(project loon)

No description

puneeth m

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Google Balloon(project loon)

Technical seminar
Google Balloon(project loon)

Guide: Dr. CHETHAN H K


What is Project Loon?
Similar technology.
How Loon works ?
How Loon is designed?
Advantage and disadvantage
Technical issue
What is Project Loon?
Similar technology
How Loon works ?
How Loon is designed?
Thank you...
Google has launched a network of balloons
It providing wireless networks to the ground through balloons equipped with wireless transceivers in the sky
Project Loon-providing Internet access to rural and remote areas
A New Ballooned Wireless Mesh Network System for Disaster Use(2009)
UAV Net: A mobile wireless mesh network using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(2012)
Low Cost Wireless Internet Access for Rural Areas using Tethered Aerostats.(2008)
A Collaboration Network for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operation, Research and Education(2005)
solar panel
Solar panel
Receiver Antenna
It is very cheapest way to connect the people all over the world
It is majorly helpful in disasters
While it has been shown that using balloons to provide wireless networks has several advantages.

Technical issues
The inflatable part of the balloon
Envelope is made from sheets of Mylar
The size of the balloon used in the project is 15 m wide and 12 m tall
Each balloon’s electronics are powered by an array of solar panels.
The panels produce approximately 100 Watts of power in full sun.
circuit boards that control the system
radio antennas to communicate
lithium ion batteries to store solar power
fan to move balloon up and down
GPS, weather instruments
Situated on the edge of space between 10 km and 60 km in altitude
layer of wind varies in speed and direction
Requires install a specialized antenna the outside of home
consist of two part.
2.green parts on the top are called the path antenna
providing internet for rural area.
low cost.
It is majorly helpful in disasters.
have a receiver on the outside of their home.
balloon stay in air nearly 100 days
may lost in ocean's
challenges in stratosphere that is UV light ,temperatures.
It can provide wireless Internet connectivity to ground areas at up to 10Mbps (3G speed).
It currently uses ISM bands specifically 2.4 and 5.8 GHz.
It covers an area of an around 40 km diameter circle.
pilot test
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