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The Magic Flash Drive

I have canton jones' kingdom bussinesspt2

willie massey

on 21 August 2010

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Transcript of The Magic Flash Drive

The Magic Flash Drive There once was this boy named Jak.While Jak s dad was out chopping wood,Jak asked his dad"may I have some money so I can go into and buy me some toys.now jak's family was poor,but his dad ave him his last five dollars anyway. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 When jak got into town,he went into toys r us.there he saw his friends dion,james,and the twins,jamila and tyra.they agreed to meet up at cash register two.
jak bought a flash drive. Chapter 3 while the friends were walking home,they saw an old man and asked him what his name was.The old man replied, "Josh".The man eyed Jak's flash drive,then said "I will give you my magic flash drive if you give me yours.It will do anything you tell it to do when inserted into a computer.Alright,said Jak. Chapter 4 As soon as JAk got home,he inserted the flash drive into his computer and asked for a million dollars.He got the million dollars but his mother died.Jak got the insurance money Chapter 5 Jak then told the flash drive to bring his mother back alive. It did,but he lost the money and all the things he bought. Jak never used the flash drive again. The End Jak learned a valuable lesson:never accept things from strangers. The man that gave Jak the magic flash drive died and left Jak and his family all his money,a total of $5 million dollars.
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