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Shawna ferry

No description

John Miller

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of Shawna ferry

mule deer
western spadefoot
The sun

Missian Manzita
Great horned owl
brush rabbit
red tailed hawk
red diamond rattle snake
western scrub jay
California shrub land food web
western fence lizard
California sage brush
Spittle bug
orb weaver spider
bacteria is in dog dodo it decomposes whats bad in the poop
this lizard is also caled blue belly the males have a bule pouch
the toyon is also called the christmas berry
young cover them self with masses of spittle
the sun gives energy to plants wich in other ways plates give us air to breth
Natev americans uesed it to treat colds
the bobcat has many difrent prays on of them is owls.
the scrub jay is a rare kind of bird it has many difrent pres
the brush has many diffrent preys like the red dimond snake
the orb wever spider is a one of a kind spider.
the red dimond rattal snke eats hawlks and other birds
the mule deer eats the meule fat
this toad is a realy rare
this owl is only found in the night in califonia
the coyoty eats the misson manzita
the misson manzita has seeds so what ever eats it cares the seeds
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