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Group 3

Ariane Bulaklak

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of BSP

R.A 7653 Action When the International Stability of the Peso Is Threatened International Reserves Thank You for Listening Whenever abnormal movements in the monetary aggregates, in credit, or in prices endanger the stability of the Philippine economy or important sectors thereof, the Monetary Board shall: Guiding Principles of Monetary Administration Article II the Bangko Sentral shall maintain international reserves adequate to meet any foreseeable net demands on the Bangko Sentral for foreign currencies. R.A. 7653 Power to Define Terms the Monetary Board shall formulate definitions of monetary aggregates, credit and prices and shall make public such definitions and any changes thereof. http://www.bsp.gov.ph/about/charter.asp Guiding Principles Monetary Board shall endeavor to control any expansion or contraction in monetary aggregates which is prejudicial to the attainment or maintenance of price stability. Article I SECTION 61 SECTION 62 Action When Abnormal Movements Occur in the Monetary Aggregates, Credit, or Price Level SECTION 63 International Monetary Stabilization SECTION 64 SECTION 65 Composition of the International Reserves SECTION 66 SECTION 67 Bangko Sentral shall exercise its powers under this Act to preserve the international value of the peso and to maintain its convertibility into other freely convertible currencies
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