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Syntax Surgery Presentation

Visually Manipulating English Grammar

Jen Reynolds

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Syntax Surgery Presentation

What is Syntax Surgery?
Syntax Surgery:
Visually Manipulating English Grammar
And one more thing...
is here
Syntax Surgery is a strategy that helps students understand the relationship between different parts of a sentence.

Especially where there are discrepancies between L1 and L2 sentence structure.
English Language Learners often have a difficult time understanding how to create or comprehend sentences in English.

The word order can be confusing when creating and reading sentences.
"Creating a visual to illustrate parts of a sentence
[or phrase] allows English learners to see the connections. Participating in the creation of the
visual gives students opportunities to clarify
meaning, as well (Baltra, 1998, Pg. 133).
Syntax Surgery?
Why do we need it?
What is the result of using Syntax Surgery?
1. Identify a problematic sentence
Find a/the sentence that is causing difficulty.
The Steps of Syntax Surgery
2. Write the sentence and initiate the "surgery"
Write the confusing sentence on a sentence strip.
Reread the sentence with the student.
When you reach the part of the sentence that is confusing or needs correct English language sequencing, cut the sentence into pieces, by phrases or words.
The Steps of Syntax Surgery
4. Practice more sentences with the same pattern
Write a few more sentences with the same word pattern on sentence strips and have the students read them along with you for additional practice. (Herrel, pg 133).
Rearrange the words/phrases
Practice, Practice, Practice!
5. Choose to use Syntax Surgery at appropriate times
Pick and choose the times this strategy is the most helpful. "If the message the student was conveying was clear, respond to it modeling the correct English syntax" (Herrel, pg 133).
Keep an eye on other students who might benefit from the use of Syntax Surgery in their work and administer to several students at a time.
Don't Overuse Syntax Surgery
Allow students to physically manipulate a sentence.
Increases the understanding of visual and oral English language.
Helps students to correct English missuse in a safe learning environment.
It is easy to adjust for any grade or English level.
3. Rearrange them into order
For example, if the student's sentence was "The dog brown ran." You would rearrange the words to say "The brown dog ran."
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