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Susan Bachman Prezume

No description

Susan Bachman

on 16 October 2016

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Transcript of Susan Bachman Prezume

Power Point
so what?
susan bachman
art direction • graphic design
if I'm just a little bit obsessive
with the way things look?
You know what they say
I've also got a knack for cutting copy down to size,
saving those extra words for when the world runs out of 'em.
*Look, two letters saved right there.
This client wanted to connect
with Fortune 500 clientele
without over-communicating.

*4 brochure series for a corporate re-location firm. Concept, design and production, print direction and coordination.
6-color, 2 varnish, z-fold.
An Art Director's dream!
Sophisticated design elements and abbreviated copy grab hold of the reader just long enough create a positive feeling about the client.
Armed with colored
pens and cocktail napkins,
I like to grab hold and give life
to what's inside my head.
*Sketch for the children's book website "Henrietta Sharp and the Magic Lunch Box."
creative brief objective
creative brief objective
one picture
is worth...
creative brief objective
Distinguish a mortgage company from their competitors. And I did it without a house in sight.
creative brief objective
I started with a series of image building ads. The ads had such great reader recall that the client requested a co-branded print campaign.
Am I the only one who wants to sing this headline?
whether I'm designing a
When your name is the brand, it better be right.
I captured the spirit of Zonya's signature style, creating a recognizable mark that represents
the real thing.
creative brief objective
extending it to
Bring the characters to life for a children's fantasy adventure story about friendship, healthy eating and the discovery of one's own worth.
creative brief objective
and bringing it to the
Create a branded environment where kids can learn to make healthy food choices and where makers of healthy products can market them to kids and their parents.
creative brief objective
without saying a word.
I love the visual shorthand that says so much
1973 - 1976
Detroit Country Day School
Notable alumni include:
Steve Ballmer, '73, CEO, Microsoft
Courtney B. Vance, '78, Actor
Robert P. Young, Jr. '70, Chief Justice
and me. (sigh)
1977 - 1990
University of Michigan
B.F.A., Graphic Design
High School
May 1983 - April 1991
(8 years)
Brewer Associates
Production Artist

Graphic Designer

Art Director
Brewer Associates is an advertising agency that works primarily with B2B clients in the manufacturing sector.

U of M was where I earned my degree but Brewer was where I developed my craft, learning from a fantastic group of seasoned, talented professionals. This is where I discovered my personal viewpoint about design and how it should work in the world of real clients and unrealistic deadlines.
Susan Bachman Design

Lone Wolf Designer
Susan Bachman Design provided graphic design and consulting services to clients in diverse industries, from manufacturing to publications
and professional services.

Running your own business is like taking a Master's course in time management, work ethic and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. If I didn't have that before, I sure had it now.

May 1991 – May 1996
(5 years 1 month)
June 1996 - February 2008
(11 years 9 months)
Market Arts, Inc.
Top dog Designer
Market Arts Inc. was a marketing and web development firm that specialized in stand-out-from-the crowd communications. I was the top dog designer and directed the visual landscapes that we created on behalf of clients.

Let's see... mature design style - check! Outstanding work ethic - check! What else did I need? A writer and creative partner to connect with and form a special team. I found that in my boss.
Market Arts Creative
Art Director

Idea Engineer
Market Arts Creative was an imagination organization that shared the energy of ideas, our own and those of other people too. We produced original web-TV programs and podcasts and worked with a select group of clients who believe in the power of personality to build a branded platform.

It was during this period I learned that working
from a truly remote location is just like working in
the next cubicle.
March 2008 - October 2012
(5 years 8 months)
April 2008
And we "loadied" up our truck and moved to Tennessee!
and now
for a brief history.
Zonya’s powerhouse personality is front and center, exactly where it should be.
creative brief objective
I designed a branded
platform where everything about and around the personality is consistent, clear and compelling.
creative brief objective
2011 - Present
(5+ years)
On My
Graphic Design

Art Direction
I have the pleasure of working from my home office up on the Cumberland Plateau.

I still work with clients in Michigan and beyond, and stay in touch with the outside world while watching 10-12 deer amble by outside my window every morning!
After Effects
Web Technologies
Print Design
Project Supervision
Art Direction
Vendor Coordination
Video Production
passionate, pragmatic, creative...
susan bachman
art direction • graphic design
creative brief objective
Personality set our client apart from
the just-the-facts competitors. This ad was so popular it came back again as mailers and trade show materials.
Personality-driven ad that rated super-good on readership retention, so much so, that our client became known as "The Gap Guys."
creative brief objective
We resisted the impulse to say everything, and instead put a real face to our customer paired with a quantifiable result of working with Plex Systems.
creative brief objective
* Concept development and
design; photo shoot direction
and production.
* Concept development and
design and production direction.
* Concept development and
design; photo shoot direction
and production.
* Concept development and logo design;
personality photo shoot direction.
phone: 931.787.7089
email: susanbachman70@gmail.com

phone: 931.787.7089
email: susanbachman70@gmail.com
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