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Jim Crow

No description

Elisa P.

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of Jim Crow

Jim Crow Laws

20 of Jim Crow Laws
Never assert intimate that a white person is lying.
Never comment upon the appearance of a white female.
Never laugh derisively at a white person
Never curse a white person
Never impute dishonorable intentions to a white person
Never suggest that a white person is from an inferior class
Nurses: No person shall require any white female nurse in wards or room in hospitals, either public or private, in which black men were placed. (Alabama)
Buses: All passenger stations in this state operated by any motor transportation company shall have separate waiting rooms or space and separate ticket windows (Alabama)
Railroads: The conductor of each passenger train is authorized and required assign each passenger to the car (Alabama)
Juvenile Delinquents: There shell be separate buildings, no nearer than 1/4 of a mile, one building of white boys and one for black boys. (Florida)
Metal Hospitals: The Board of Control shall see that proper and distinct apartments are arranger for negroes and and white to be separated
Burial: The officer in charge shall not bury, or allow to be buried, any colored person upon ground set apart (Georgia)
People that thought that blacks and whites should deserved the right to be equal were look at bad
They were peer pressured into things they thought was completely wrong
Not many people were on their side
They thought that they were better than the black people
A colored person could be next to them because they thought they would get some type of disease being next to them
Everybody agreed with them that color people would never could live up to the life of a white person
Tennessee was the first state to pass Jim Crow law in 1881
In 1890, Louisiana passed the "Separate Car Law"
In 1935, Oklahoma prohibited blacks and whites from boating together
In 1905, Georgia established separate parks for blacks and whites
The Supreme Court was inclined to agree with the white-supremacist judgement.
In 1883 began to strike down the foundation of the post-Civil War Reconstruction, declaring the Civil Rights Act of 1875.
Newspapers and magazine writers routinely referred to blacks as niggers, croons, and darkies; and worse!
Jim Crow laws took place during the 1890's-1960's
"Jim Crow" laws were called after a black character in Minstrel show.
Although slavery had been abolished, they white people still thought that nonwhite were inherently inferior and to support this belief sought rationalizations
Made by: Elisa Perez-Garcia,
Jim Crow Laws
Feeling Towards Jim Crow Laws
Jim Crow Laws were from to California, and from North Dakota to Texas.
Where were Jim Crow Laws
During the Jim Crow Laws
1890-Wounded Knee Massacre, Lakota Sioux
1890-1939 Anthony Fokker, The Fly Dutchman
1960 Many of the Dr. Seuss books were publish
1960 National Airlines Flight 2511 Crashes, Killing 34
1962 John F. Kennedy First Speech on the Nuclear Buildup Cuba
1963 Gateway Arch Built
Black males couldn't shake hands with a white male because it was implied an being socially equal.
Black and whites were not supposed to eat together.
Under no circumstance was a male to offer to a cigarette to a white person implied.
If a black person rode in a car driven by a white person, the black sat in the back seat, or the back of trunk.
White motorists had the right-of-way- at all intersection
Facts about Jim Crow Laws
In 1930, Birmingham, Alabama, made it illegal for blacks and whites to play checkers or dominoes together
Work Cited
Parks: Unlawful for colored people to frequent any owned or maintained by the city for the benefit, use and enjoyment of white people (Georgia)
Libraries: The state librarian is directed to fit up and maintain a separate place for the use of colored people who may come to the library (North Carolina)
Mining: The baths and lockers for blacks shall be separated, but can be in the same building (Oklahoma)
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If any colored person broke the laws whites had the right to physically beat.
Blacks had little legal recourse against these assaults.
Jim Crow criminal justice system was all-white: police, prosecutors, judges, juries, and prison officials.

Black felt their were just not apart of America even though they abolished slavery they still were treated differently
They felt that they were horrible people they the white people did horrible face expression / verbally
Many kids had dreams that one day they would be treated the same!
This shows who people thought about the Jim Crow Laws
Signs that they put out in parks
They didn't have the same job opportunities
This picture that could use the same water fountain many more things!
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