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Forced Perspective Photography

No description

Colette Christensen

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Forced Perspective Photography

Forced Photography
Project Forced Perspective Photography -
photographic illusion generally used to make two or more objects seem to be a different size than their actual size. The camera sees things as flat. Our human eye has depth perception, which the camera lacks. It's possible because... Line of Sight - an imaginary straight line along which an observer looks. +
Distance -an amount of space between two things or people. Depth of Field - the distance between the nearest and the furthest objects that give an image judged to be in focus in a camera. + To create this illusion you need 3 things: nearest farthest In reality... people in background man in front (close to the camera) Practice Assignment: Juxtaposition: placing objects next to each other.It's used to create emphasis, illusion, or a statement. Step 1: Find two images (from a magazine) you will that do NOT make sense together. + Practice Assignment: Step 2: Juxtapose these pictures together so they make sense/create a story. (Just like Forced Photography) Forced Photography Project You will create two juxtaposed magazine pictures.
Practice Project Due: Dec. 4 (end of class) Take 15 pictures using forced perspective.
They must be creative and use the technique of juxtaposition.
The objects should be as clear as possible.
You will turn in 4 of your best photos. * Remember you're not taking pictures of posters/signs etc. that already use this technique. Due: Dec. 18 Eye-Level
It shows subjects as we would expect to see them in real life. It is a fairly neutral shot. Types of Angles: High Angle
A high angle shows the subject from above, i.e. the camera is angled down towards the subject. This has the effect of diminishing the subject, making them appear less powerful, less significant or even submissive. Low Angle
This shows the subject from below, giving them the impression of being more powerful or dominant. worm's-eye view - is a view of an object from below, as though the observer were a worm; the opposite of a bird's-eye view. Bird's-Eye view- means something that can be seen with absolute clarity. In the artistic sense, it means the aerial perspective or angle used for a work of art, as if seen through the eyes of a bird.
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