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No description

Christina Nguyen

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Presentation~

People who have it are affected differently Types Symptoms disorganized thinking
difficulty understanding
poor concentration
difficulty expressing thoughts
false or distorted sensory experiences
are generated by the mind
can be seen, heard, felt and even smelled or tasted
occur during consciousness
can usually be treated with meds
if not, psychosocial therapy can help teach the person to cope

false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what everyone else believes and proof contradicting it common symptom of many mental disorders The spectrum starts with people who live normally
people who are hospitalized permanently Auditory hallucinations and delusional thoughts about persecution and conspiracy

People may be able to intereact and work better with others Predominant feature is disorganization of thought process
Improper speech
Hallucinations do not occur often but simple everyday tasks may be impaired
Unbalanced, unstable emotions or being inappropiate (laughing at a funeral) Main feature is disturbance in movement
Can lead to catatonic stupor or movements
May assume unusual body positions or facial contortions
May also repeat what others are saying in a parrot like tone When patients' prominent symptoms diminish

Hallucinations may still occur People may show multiple symptoms of subtypes


Are diagnosed with schizophrenia but none of their symptoms fit into the other subtypes skhizein ("to split") and phrēn, phren- ("mind") This is why treatment is often refused. Many people with
do not actually
realize that they even have it. According to: Blood tests show that flu infections during the first two trimesters can lead to schizophrenia Ezra Susser, M.D. from Columbia University School of Public Health Brown's tests provide the strongest evidence for the flu virus contributing to schizophrenia Alan Brown, M.D. from the New York State Psychiatric Institute However... He believes that the study should be extended to the time period before pregnancy as well.
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