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Rosa Parks

No description

Emily McCleary

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks
What Happened
Who she is
Born: February 4, 1913, Tuskegee, Alabama, United States
Died: October 24, 2005, Detroit, Michigan, United States
What Rosa Parks Accomplished
Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks was born Rosa Louise McCauley in Tuskegee, Alabama to James McCauley, a carpenter, and Leona McCauley, a teacher.
At the age of two she moved to her grandparents' farm in Pine Level, Alabama
Younger brother, Sylvester.
At the age of 11 she enrolled in the Montgomery Industrial School for Girls
Pippa, Emily, Jacques
Rosa Parks believed she is equal to any white person, and was not afraid to stick up for herself.

Parks is famous for her refusal on December 1, 1955 to obey the bus driver James Blake's
Later Years
Rosa Parks went to school much longer than most children of her race, this is because her mother strongly believed in her getting a good education. Many girls at the time only went to school until the end of primary. Rosa was one of the few who graduated high school.

December 1, 1955
Montgomery's buses were separated the seats in the front reserved for whites. Blacks had to sit at the back of the bus. If the bus was crowded and all the white seats were occupied, black people were expected to give up their seats(a black person sitting while a white person stood would never be tolerated in the South). Rosa had had enough of such degradation, and refused to give up her seat.
"I felt I had a right to stay where I was," she said. "I wanted this particular driver to know that we were being treated unfairly as individuals and as a people."
The bus drive called the police.
Martin Luther King, Jr., heard about Rosa's bravery and launched an attack on Montgomery buses. The 17,000 black residents of Montgomery pulled together and kept the rebellion going for more than a year.
"Finally, the Supreme Court intervened and declared segregation on buses unconstitutional. Rosa Parks and the boycotters defeated the racist system, and she became known as "the mother of the civil rights movement." (info please)

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