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on 3 October 2015

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Transcript of Communication

Steve Jobs's Management
Digital Home
Jobs's communication skills
Jobs hated formal presentations
Focus on the essential
To be focus , do not scatter :
1976 :
Steve Jobs cofounded Apple in in his parent's garage
Steve Jobs

Thank you!

Face-to-face meetings
People who know what they're talking about don't need PowerPoint
" - Steve Jobs
1985 :
After a sharp drop in sales of Apple, Sculley remove any operational role to Steve Jobs, causing his departure from the company
Use whiteboard and markers
He only focused on one idea at a time
1997 :
Come back to save the company
To  Simplify without regress :
Adaptability : Have a good reaction
Focus on design and details to create sympathy with customer when he use it
Keep a small range of products
«  simplicity is the ultimate sophistication »
Bending realities
Ex : a mouse with only one button

Jobs wanted Wozniak to create a game call Breakout. It should takes month to create a game like this. How long did Jobs asked him to do it ?

4 months
more friendly looking and using
B - 4 weeks
Tolerate only "A" player
C - 4 days
Passion for perfection
Work with only the best
"If something suck, I tell people to their face. It's my job to be honest."
Between 1985 to 1997 when JOBS was not CEO anymore...
John Sculley (old Pepsi marketing executor) was running the firm
he focus apple on maximization of profit
Result : the declined of the brand and some unknown products launched...
You did the impossible because you didn't realize it's impossible
" - Employee citation
VideoPad (1995)
WALT (1990)
The Powerbob (1995)
The Pippin (1995)
The Penlite (1993)
QuickTake 200 (1993)
Selective Distribution
Scarcity (rareness)
Creativity & Innovation
He doesn't want to be a slave to focus group
« customer don't know what they want until we have shown them »
Being creative
Multifaceted personality :
Nonconformist hippie, ...
Luxury Marketing
High Quality
Push for perfection
During the creation of the first iPhone, one Monday morning, Jobs came and said : "We're all going to have to work nights and weekends..." :
A "...if you want, you can hand out some guns so you can kill us now"
B "... everyone of you will get 50.000$ bonus!"
C "... if you're not in, you're fired."
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