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The Hero's Quest

A Walk Through of the Hero's Journey

Sarah Reidenbaker

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Quest

Do Now: answer the following question in paragraph form: Do you agree with Wendell that Harvey is a hero? Why or why not?
Then, read the article about types of heroes. If Harvey is a hero, which of the archetypes might he be? Why? The Hero's Quest or The Mythic Structure The Hero's Quest Archetypes: “There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before.” – Willa Cather There are several parts to The Call or Summons
Ordinary World
Introduction that
Presents inner and outer conflicts
Creates empathy & sympathy
Establishes theme

Call to Adventure:
Transition out of the “ordinary world” to a “special world”:
the adventure begins

Refusal of the Call:
Hero’s reluctance: they consider “turning back” chapter 1: The Call or Summons
exiles the hero from the community and sets him on his lonely path Crossing the Threshold:
Threshold: a place or point of beginning where there is a
commitment to adventure
clear distinction between “ordinary world” and world beyond the threshold

Tests, Allies & Enemies
Hero is
makes allies & enemies
experiences character development

Approach to the Inmost Cave
Hero prepares to confront danger
Inmost Cave: dangerous place

Crisis: Hero confronts his greatest fear Chapter 2: The Journey or Quest:
including a confrontation and victory over menacing forces either outside or within himself Reward
Hero survives conflict and claims the reward
Has earned title of “hero”

The Road Block (Not out of the woods yet)
Hero deals with the consequences of the ordeal
Hero is “pursued” by the main force of conflict in his/her attempt to return to the ordinary world

The final test: Climax
Hero vs. Villain
Hero is “reborn”: new identity Chapter 3: The Return
the hero's rite of passage has expanded his vision Archetype: Character Patterns
Hero: protagonist, main force of “good”
Shadow: antagonist, main force of “evil”
Mentor: guides protagonist
Herald: warns, challenges hero to action
Shapeshifter: deceptive
Threshold Guardian: lesser villain The myth of the hero: universal, infinitely varied, constant basic form

Always a journey: both outward and inward Meeting the Mentor:
Character who prepares the hero to face the unknown
Older, wiser
Protect, guide, teach, test, train, encourage, provide magical gifts Return with the Elixir:
Hero returns to Ordinary World with Elixir
Elixir: a treasure or lesson gained (theme!)
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