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Government Interference

Just a file about government interference =)

Lan Hiroki

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Government Interference

Government Interference What Is An Injustice? An injustice- defined in the dictionary- is a violation of the rights of other; unjust or unfair action or treatment. There are many types of injustices around the world, such as the following: Gangs Race Discrimination But one of the most widespreading injustice in the universe is government interference- which can also lead to government power abuse. Examples of this injustice is: The American Revolution. Great Britian took advantage of the 13 colonies and controled their freedom for their own benefits.Great Britian placed many taxes on the 13 colonies, such as the Stamp and Quartering Act (1765), the Declaratory Act (1766), the Townshed Acts (1767), the Tea Act (1773), and the intolerable Acts (1774) which limited the colonists' freedom. World War 2. The Nazis took control of the German government by having many seats in the government. Led by Adolf Hitler and aided by the Soviet Union, the Germans started to prepare for World War 2 in accordance to the Versailles Treaty which forced Germany to take all the blame for starting World War 1 and they would have to pay back all the damages the Allies took during the war, which totals up to 33 billion. There has been many ways introduced to resolve this injustice, such as: Past Solutions The Checks and Balance System The Declaration of Independence And voting. Government spending Courts Protests Some solutions could be:
A citizen committee which watches all of the government's actions and evaluate it if it's constitutional or not
A law that taxes could be a maximum of 33% only
The government could only interfere with matters that are necessary for governmental involvement, and if the votes in favor for that particular action exceeds 94% of the population
There will be equal seats in the government

Tough there are a few holes in these solutions, it's a good start to decrease this injustice, but nothing could be possible with out the help of us citizens. Proposed Solutions Victims and Perpedrators Perpedrators- the courrupted government officials
Victims- us, the citizens Blackmailing Prentice Hall: America Pathways to the Present
Sources Though these techniques have been very useful in slowing down the injustice, they aren't effective enough. Even though these techniques have been very effective in the past, it doesn't mean they are now.
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