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Culture Lesson 1

No description

John Kluempers

on 27 August 2017

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Transcript of Culture Lesson 1

What is it?
The Slacker
You feel that one of your workers is underperforming. The person has not met deadlines on numerous occasions and you have seen him/her many times away from the workplace--for extended periods.
1. Life is what happens to me/
Life is what I make of it
2. People should tell it like it is--even when it hurts/
Maintaining harmony is important, even if it means not telling the whole truth
3. Group membership is essential for my success/
I don't need to belong to a group to be successful
Values Orientation Dimensions
(Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck)
1. Individual

2. World/
3. Human

4. Activity

5. Time

6. Space
Good Good and evil Evil
(change possible--yes or no?)
People Harmony Subjugation

Individuals Lateral Hierarchical
groups groups
Doing Being

Future/Presence Past

Private Openness/Public
How would you react--what is your first or gut feeling?
What's driving your behavior?
What alternatives might there be--and how did you reach them?
Team exercise:
Define culture!
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