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RESFOOD Project Presentation


Minerva Communication

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of RESFOOD Project Presentation

The RESFOOD consortium is composed of 18 partners,
of which 10 SME’s, from 6 countries,
including research institutions, end-users and suppliers.
- smaller water footprint of the food industry by lower water use in horticulture and processing.

- preservation of the environment by reduction in the emissions of nutrients and pesticides to surface water.
- contribution to the resource-efficient Europe target of the Europe 2020 strategy.
- cooperation between research and industry, as well as between different countries in the RESFOOD project helping:
the exchange of know-how and experiences at different levels
better implementation of EU-wide policies.
Healthy for consumers,
profitable for companies &
better for the environment.

resource efficiency and consumer safety & protection in a holistic approach leading to improved strategies for the prevention of food borne illnesses.

stronger consumer confidence towards the food production and processing industry.
- big reduction of the environmental impact in food production and processing by boosting reusable, recycling and recovery in the whole food chain.

- more sustainable production and consumption patterns.
RESFOOD will have a great impact on the resource efficiency in food production and processing, by big saving and recovery of water, nutrients, energy and recovery of valuable materials from raw agricultural materials.

Will bring cost effective solutions for waste management
open new markets for small scale water treatment detection systems
help SME's to become more competitive.
RESFOOD is a 3-year collaborative project funded under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission.

Call: FP7 ENV.2012.6.3-1
Duration: Nov 2012- Oct 2015
Partners: 18
Total budget: 5,990,968 Euro
EC funding: 4,335,900 Euro
Food production (horticulture)
Food processing
Detection of pathogens
Biomass wastes
Water treatment
- more sustainability and competitiveness for industry
- stronger role for SMEs as end users or developers of green technologies
- new opportunities for new start-ups and markets
- net production, better quality and lower production and processing costs.
- cost-effective solutions for waste management
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