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SXSWedu2017 #CollegesSoDomestic: What We Gain from Diversity

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Dany rossman

on 22 July 2016

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Transcript of SXSWedu2017 #CollegesSoDomestic: What We Gain from Diversity

By 2020,
200 million

25-34 year olds will have a higher education degree – and the U.S. will only account for
of those

When it comes to internationalization efforts worldwide,
the U.S. is lagging.
Fewer than 5%

of our total student population are international students.
Which means that while we have the largest number of
Top 400 universities
in the world, among English speaking countries, the
U.S. has the lowest
proportion of international students relative to the total student population
Even more concerning –
69% of all international students
in the U.S. are hosted by just
5% of all institutions
fewer than 10%
of U.S. undergrads will
study abroad
during their degree program
So the
VAST majority of U.S. students
are not given access to opportunities to develop the skill sets necessary to
compete in the global workforce
, including:
Listening respectfully
, recognizing differences in communication style and etiquette across cultures
Understanding how unconscious bias inhibits true
understanding of other cultures
shared interests
—how the lives and fates of people in other parts of the world intersect with their own
Developing an
understanding of global issues
that is informed, thoughtful, and
Appreciating the
importance of difference
, and develop the ability to make better, more well-informed decisions
We should be doing more!
A look at the University of New Hampshire
How universities can rethink their enrollment strategies:
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