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The Islamic Revolution and Its Affect on the Iranian Society

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Abby Purvis

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Islamic Revolution and Its Affect on the Iranian Society

The Islamic Revolution changed Iranian society by installing a new government, changing the economy, and reverting society back to Islamic ideals. It affected the world by complicating US -Iran relations, changing how the world saw Islams, and by spreading revolutionary ideas throughout the middle east. The Islamic Revolution and Its Affect on Iranian Society Iran was ruled by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi from 1941 to his overthrow in 1979
Pahlavi tried to "Westernize" Iran
Implemented social and economic reforms
Stages White Revolution
Religious leaders fearful of loosing traditional authority Causes and Historical Background Khomeini and the Revolution Hostage Crisis and Iran/Iraq War Cultural impact on society and
world history By Tim Kralj, Alicia Kim, Isaac Lau, Abby Purvis Culture Clash
Liberal Shah, western ideas and efforts at westernization
Conservative Muslim clergy and old Persian ideology Conflict
Shah's reforms displeased Muslim priesthood
Priesthood portrayed United States as evil oppressor of Islam
Riots and demonstrations ensue
Millions demand Shah's abdication Society
Muslims are viewed differently in U.S
Iran still views the west as "great Satan"
Today Iran has transformed into a radical islamic theocracy
World afraid of Iran "going nuclear"
U.S. continues to be "great oppressor" Generalizations and Predictions http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/84/Mohammad-reza-shah.jpg 1/9/12 Iranians saw him as the puppet of the west http://planet-iran.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/t1larg.iran_.1979.jpg 12/29/12 Iranian Economy Prior to the revolution, Shah spent a lot of money on Westernization
Used the oil boom in 1973 to finance reforms
Hosted a huge party to celebrate 2500 years of Persian Empire
After revolution, economy fell apart
The Eight Years War hurt economy
Reliance on oil industry makes them whim to market fluctuations
Enterprise in Iran turned to state owned monopolies After the referendum to make Iran an Islamic Republic, Iranian students take 52 American embassy workers hostage
Ignites a US-Iran crisis
Operation Eagle Claw was a failed attempt to rescue the Americans
They were released after 444 days
Iraq invades Iran to define borders and to squash any revolutionary ideas Iraq's suppressed Shia might have
Both of these were very publicized which spread revolutionary ideas and rallied aid Timeline of the Iranian Revolution 1941 Reza Shah forced out of power
Mohammad takes over 1953 1963 White Revolution 1976 Series of reforms including the Imperial calendar 1978 Protests and mass demonstrations. Shah enforces martial law. Black Friday 1979 Jan 16 Shah flees Feb 1 Khomeini returns Apr 1 Referendum held to make Islamic republic Nov 4 Hostage crisis 1980 April US and Iran sever diplomatic ties July Shah dies September Iraq invades Iran over territory disagreements and Iraq's want of Iranian oil 1981 Hostages released 1985 Iran-Contra Scandal In 1978 riots, mass demonstrations, strikes take place
Shah enforces martial law
3,000 protestors die
Black Friday
Ayatollah Khomeini, an Islamic clergy man, comes out of exile to lead revolution 1988 US Navy ship shoots down Iranian civilian plane Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq overthrown in CIA staged coup Aftermath and the Spread of Ideas Khomeini unites the different revolutionaries of Iran
They vote on an Islamic Republic and make a constitution
Revolutionary ideas in Iran caused an uprising in Mecca and provided a template for Islamic governments in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and other countries
Iran still has values that Khomeini showed them during the revolution.
Beginning of an Age of Revolutions in the Middle East "I proclaim to the governments and heads of state that mean to take part in this abominable festival that it has no connection with the people of Iran, and to participate in it is to participate in the murder of the oppressed people of Iran. Let all Muslim heads of state take note in particular that this festival is anti-islamic and that it is being arranged by Israeli experts and engineers; they should therefore shun all participation." Khomeini October 31st, 1971 Ayatollah Khomeini Opposed Westernization due to fears of dying Iranian culture
Had to battle not only the Shah and his military but different revolutionary groups
Shah arrested Khomeini. Anti government riots started.
Khomeini exiled; continue to oppose the shah
1978, millions of Iranians rose up against the government
2 weeks after Shah's departure Khomeini hailed as the leader of the revolution http://cdn4.pix.avaxnews.com/avaxnews/8e/52/0000528e_medium.jpeg 1/12/13 http://www.biography.com/imported/images/Biography/Images/Profiles/K/Ayatollah-Ruhollah-Khomeini-13680544-1-402.jpg 1/13/13 Generalizations
Revolution is result of discontent within the people and the people not being listened to
The discontent has to be caused by something the government did
Revolutionaries are normal people
People revolt when they are oppressed
Based on current leader and civil unrest, we predict a revolution occurring in Iran soon
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