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Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram

Sara Larson

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Luke Jerram

and the art... Luke Jerram Luke Jerram infront of his
Aeolus Acoustic Wind Pavillion This is a video about the Aeolus Acoustic Wind Pavillion and Luke Jerram. :D Important Vocabulary - Aeolus - ruler of the four winds in Greek mythology. Luke Jerram desinged and built the Aeolus Acoustic Wind Pavillion.
The pavillion is located in Canary Wharf, London. Some Of His Works This is a video of the Forum Chandelier This is a video of Making the HIV sculpture. Luke Jerram lives in Bristol, UK, with his wife Shelina Jerram and his two children. Family & where he lives My favorite one of his pieces. Videos!!!!!!! :D Social, political, economics of his time period

During the current time period the most popular
social network is Facebook. The largest political
thing happening right now is the 2012 election.
There are huge economic problems like taxes, jobs,
and good prices. Impact in the world. Why he is famous.
His impact on the world and why hes famous is he created the
Acelous Wind Pavillion and he makes meraculious glass sculptures. Today u can go to see his art at...
London, Bristol City Museum (HIV collection)
Museum of Glass, Shanghai
Corning Museum, New York
Museum of Glass, Washington
Arkansas Arts Center
Cosmo Caixa Museum, Barcelona
Bristol and Bath Science Park
Chazen Museum, Wisconsin, USA
Alexander Tutsek Foundation, Germany
The Welcome Collection, London. Luke Jerram is still alive. He works in the current era. How I picked My Topic

I found Luke Jerram as a topic by looking up
architecture on google. Then I scrolled through
the pictures and I found one of the Aceolus Wind Pavillion. It caught my eye. So, I looked up who made it and I found him. I also found many other of his works and I fell in love with them. Why is art important?
I think art is important because it allows
us to express our selfs and our creativity. Would YOU want to be an artist?
Yes, I would like to be an artist because I love to draw and create things with spare materials. Also, the artistic gene runs in the family. My oncle is a profacional artist and my sister is studying art at the University Of Michigan Art & Design school.
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