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No description

Kendra Elliott

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Japanese

the national language of Japan Memorization Subject - Object - Verb Japanese Nihongo Japanese has evolved over many years. Old Japanese Modern Japanese Middle Japanese Chinese Influence European Loanwords Standard and Local Dialects Japanese is written in many ways. Kanji Romaji Kana Chinese characters. Japanese syllabaries. Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals. Hiragana, Katakana,
etc. Japanese is an "easy" language. Sentence Structure Grammar a different No articles, no genders, rarely singular/plural. Particles Topic - Comment wareware - we/us
hitobito - people
tachi - and company Ga O Ni E No Wa the noun that is doing something the noun having something done to it the noun to which something is given motion to a location possession the topic Kare ga yatta. He did it. Nani o tabemasu ka? What will (you) eat? Tanaka-san ni agete kudasai. Please give it to Mr. Tanaka. a - ah as in father
i - ih as in feet
u - uh as in fool
e - eh as in pet
o - oh as in so - conjugating adjectives Vowel
Sounds Ah, we soon get old. Sentence
Form I box open. Watashi ga hako o akemasu. Watashi wa Kendra desu. As for me, I am Kendra. Pati e ukanai ka? Won't you go to the party? Watashi no kamera. I own the camera. Watashi wa, sushi ga ii desu. As for me, sushi is good. Keiyoshi Keiyodoshi Adjectives - followed by a copula (is) Gohan ga atsui. Rice is hot. atsui atsukatta atsukunai atsukunakatta was hot is not hot was not hot is hot hen na hito Kare wa hen da. strange person He (topic) is strange.
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