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Project on Shakespeare

Justin Brink

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Shakespeare

http://bit.ly/bSHWW7 Childhood and Family Personal Life Was Shakespeare popular during his lifetime? Work Experience Two things to know Was the first born son of Mary and John Shakespeare Shakespeare dropped out of school at only age 13
to help with his fathers buisness that was going under
as a glove and leather merchant. Baptized 0n the 26th of April, 1564 (birthdate unknown) In love with Anne Hathaway.
Wanted to get married as soon as possible Found out Anne was pregnent. Had a baby girl named Susanna Love Life. Childhood. Family/Siblings William was the third of eight children. The dates of Siblings birthdates are
also unknown... Some siblings died at birth
Little is known about his work experience. Lost Years Yes he was. He provoked envy and adimiration from
other play writers His plays were appealling to all levels of english society Universal themes and
no boundaries in time or place He joined an acting troupe and
traveled with them to London He lived in lodgings, but he sent
money back to keep his property in Stratford He established himself as an actor
and writer by age 27 Returned to Statford and lived as
country gentlemen in 1610 Time period when little to none written recordings are taken of the time First lost years Second lost years Between Shakespeare's leaving school in 1578 and marrying Anne Hathaway in 1582 Between 1582 and 1592 Occupation We are not sure what occupation Shakespeare had before he became a playwright. Some guesses are that he picked up the family's business, which could have been trading in malt, corn, wool, and leather. Shakespeare as a Playwright
Poets were thought of as literary experts, whereas playwrights were not Shakespeare did not go to University Being a playwright could often be dangerous Elizabethan Politics were dangerous. To express your opinion in a play could result in torture or even death. Spies were everywhere Shakespeare wrote plays that many levels of Thing to know #2
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