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War And Peace

No description

Mr. Stack

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of War And Peace

War And Peace
War is something where two country's battle for what they want and who ever surrenders first gets what they where fighting for. During war people are killing each other which is terrible for the families whose people have been sent to war!
War And Peace
As you might know war and peace cant combine. Its impossible because they are way different cultures. Nobody can combine them it wont be right. People create war not nature. Nature has nothing to do with war besides what people do with nature in war. Nobody would want to be in war people want to be in peace be glad you live a nice life and that you don't have to live in war.
Authors note
My name is Mia Elle Williams. I wrote this because i watched the movie twelve years a slave. i watched it because of black history month. It inspired me to type this. I hope you have enjoyed this and have learned a lesson about your life which is to not be selfish and to be greatful.

Peace is harmony where nobody is hurt unlike war. People can live their normal lives without being harmed, unlike war, unlike slaves they are bossed around and are hit with a wip and they are treated badly. So be greatful that you live in peace.
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