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World Records

Crazy!!! :)

Kenneth Palmer

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of World Records

World Records This woman has grown her finger nails since 1979. I know i would never do that. 1 2 This man got tatooed so much that they call him lizard man because he looks like a lizard. 3 The world's tallest man is 7 feet 9 inches the world's shortest man is 29 inches tall. 4 The worlds fatest man is 1,320 pounds.I wonder if he can wear cloths. 5 Usain Bolt ran 100 meters in 9.58 seconds. 6 A man got stabed in the head and lived! How he survived is a mystery. 7 This calf was born with 2 heads. It was the first animal to be born with 2 heads.Very strange but interesting. 8 This prehistorc baby was born with 2 heads. It may have been the first ever. 9 This snake charmer kissed 19 snakes! Just to get a world record. 10 This man's mouth was so big he could touch his nose with his lip. 11 That guys name was ruberman. As you see in the videohe is very strechable. 12 This snake swallowed a Hippo. I have no idea how but ahhhhhhhh. 13 This man was born with the bigget nose on earth. HUGE! this is a wax model of him 14 vince carter made the longest sitting down shot. 86 feet! 15 This is the worlds Uglyest dog. Who would want that dog. It looks demented. Thank's for watching!
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