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ASD Company Presentation


Alexandra Mercer

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of ASD Company Presentation

Part One Company Overview presents... Automated Systems Design, Inc The Executives Our Vision Goals for Clients:
*Design, Implement and Manage IT Infrastructure needs
*Implemented strategy poised for future success
*Drastic increase in sales/revenue
*Adhere/compliment the company’s set strategy innovative plans to achieve success

The mission of ASD is to be the leading nationwide solution for custom turnkey Information Transport Systems.
We at ASD strive for “Excellence in Connectivity” designed and built on:
Advancement: We promote advancement and progression in the capabilities and knowledge of our people and our customers.
Sustainability: We develop our company’s products and services to meet and exceed the complex needs of the physical infrastructures of tomorrow.
Dedication: Our commitment and loyalty to our people at ASD and our extended family of customers. "Be Strategic!"
- Dr. V. Edmondson Part Two Company Analysis Thanks! Team Facilitator: Barbara Eskew Team Management: Mike Castiglione Team Management: Evelyn Stephens Team Facilitator: Kevin Kiziah Team Leader: Bob Eskew CEO Pres VP COO CFO Owner Sales Operations Accounting Finance Who we are Presentation Summary Part One: Mission Statement / Corporate Vision / Company Principles/Values
Company History / Executive Officers / Timeline
Managment / Workforce Diversification

Present Strategy / International Operations
Business Parters
Company Management/One Point of Contact

Capabilities Analysis
Website Contact Info
Current Reality Tree Part Two: Part Three: Mission Statement Corporate Vision To be the one of the leading,
Transport Information Systems vendors Nationwide. Excellence in Connectivity Company History Project Management Workforce Diversity The Right Framework Present Strategies/ Best Project Technician Training Strategies Products Corperate Capabilities One Point of Contact Robert Eskew - CEO & Owner Mike Castiglione, Operations Kevin Kiziah, President Barbara Eskew, V. President Organizational Chart Manufacture

One Point of Contact

National Service Consultants
are ready to take you call. Managment, Technicians,
Subject Matter Experts.
Offices in Atlanta, GA and Hickory NC.
AASDI Work Force Nationwide
Global Presence and Rollout Services Partners AUTOMATED SYSTEMS DESIGN, INC. Some Highlights along the way. ASD Founded by Robert W. Eskew 1986 1992 Expanded to Hickory Office

North Carolina
Branch Implemented Nationwide AASDI Program 1991 ASD Becomes
Releases 2002 HQ Moves to
Alpharetta, GA 10,500 ft facility 2010 Now Bob Eskew, is the founder and CEO of Automated Systems Design, Inc. (ASD®), a four-time Inc. 5000 company and the leading nationwide solution for custom turnkey information transport systems. He served briefly in the Army and was awarded an honorable discharge in 1975. He then worked on the assembly line at General Motors installing clutch pedals. In 1984, he was offered the opportunity to join the management training program. Eskew stayed with General Motors an additional three years before, leaving and taking a chance on the cabling business. Customer requests ASD for local ITS Needs. Design Phase, Design Phase, Conducting Site Surveys
and Negotiate Scope Design Phase, Design Team, RCDDs, schedule, budget, materials Build Phase Build Team Executes schedules, budget and scope as well as materials Build Phase Test results, as-builds, assurance warranty Maintain + iCAT-ITS Cable 5E
+ iCAT-ITS Cable 6A
+ iCAT-ITS Cable 6E
+ iGlo-ITS Fiber + Patch Panels
+ Racks
+ Surface Mount Boxes
+ Patch Cords
+ Fiber Enclosures
+ Fiber Jumpers
+ Fiber Cassettes Telephony Partner We also provide support for Capabilities Analysis +Structured Cabling
+ Audio / Video Systems
+ VoIP Phone Systems
+ Digital Signage
+ IP Based Access Control
+ Point of Sale Systems
+ IP Based Surveillance Systems
+ Network Moves, Adds, and Changes
+ Wired and Wireless Networks
+ IT Staffing
+ National Rollout Services A Vendor for your Transport Information Systems We will compete in:
Red Carpet Service
24/365 Call Center Support How to contact us: Main Line: +1 (770) 774-2300 Website: www.asd-usa.com ASD® has a rigid process for documentation and training. This begins with our internal handbook that describes the ASD® method our best practice for project management. This is filled with years of project rollout experiences, lessons learned, and guidelines for running a successful project. ASD® will train technicians for the project by Providing the step-by-step SOW, training materials, and test administered to technicians.

ASD® will create a documentation library for technicians for access throughout the project. This will have the SOW, lessons learned, tech tips, and hardware documentation.

The training method, like the SOW, is an ongoing process. Part Three Financial Analysis
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