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Psychology in League of Legends

No description

Lucy Ma

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Psychology in League of Legends

"purge the unjust"
Week 4: Psychology in League of Legends

*Final Group Project

*Lecture: Psychology & League of Legends

*Game Analysis: HKES vs. AHQ (LMS; Garena Premier League)
Now's Your Turn :)
*Get into your groups of 3 from last week!

*You have 20 min to come up with a research question that you can back up with actual numbers from either online sources or your own games.
-write it down and turn it in

*Don't have a group? Talk to us :)
*Less questions, more in depth

*Good Luck on Midterms!
*Email us if you need to be excused

*Join our client chatroom: LoL Decal
*meet your classmates and destress on the rift!
Final Group Project!
-Impact of upgrading trinkets early on winrate

- Impact of acquiring dragon on winrate

*Gold efficiency & builds (week 3)
*Champion synergy & matchup (week 5)
*How to Jungle?! (week 7)
*Mechanics; last hitting, map & objective control (week 8)

Psychology: the study of mind and behavior. It seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.
*Cross-cultural Cultural
"Master yourself, master the enemy."
"Let's get this party started!"
Why do you want to take this class?

-"I would really like to learn more about the gameplay itself so that I can appreciate and understand the team strategies and individual skills"

-"I want to improve my league of legends play"

-"I want to understand more about gameplay so I can get better and crush noobs to de-stress."

-"I hope to learn a bit more about the psychological aspect of playing the game as well as the social interaction in the community"

*Reading your opponents, understanding yourself! (today)
Improving your Game Knowledge!
"Think I'm bluffin'?"
Reverse Psychology in LoL
"Man, I'm good."
"Rules are made to be broken... like buildings! Or people!"
"Don't get cocky."
"I shall bring great suffering!"
"Share in my torment!"
"Rally to me."
"We fight while cowards talk."
"Should I make your pulse rise? Or...STOP!"
"Never underestimate the power of the Summoner's code."
"Only two Jokers in the deck, and I get dealt you."
"Research requires good tentacle-eye coordination."
"Doubt is the greatest enemy."
Dunning-Kruger Effect
Understanding Yourself
"You look like someone who's got a lot going on beneath the surface."
Inattentional Blindness
Realistic Conflict Theory
Cognitive Bias
Asch Conformity Experiment
Origin of Tilt
Chatlog Analysis
Goal Orientation
Mastery-Oriented (Intrinsic)

Performance-Oriented (Extrinsic)

How to Improve?!
Teamwork OP
Psychological Warfare
Research in League of Legends
By: Jeffrey “Lyte” Lin
*Collect Big Data

*Monitor Player Behavior

*Reduce Toxicity
Using Priming to control player behavior
PRIMING: Exposure to one stimulus influences the response to another stimulus.
Color and Psychological Functioning: The Effect of Red on Performance Attainment (Elliot et al., 2007)

"Color can act as a subtle environmental cue that has important influences on behavior"

"Optimus Experiment"
-Priming can shape online behavior
-changed the color of loading screen messages displayed to players
-10 million matches
-Making cross-team chat an opt-in process can improve player behavior
-Messing with the default setting for cross-team chat
-Compared the quality of the chat log in the week before and the week after the switch
Takeaway from these Studies
-Punish and reform negative behavior

-Enforce and reward positive behavior
- Fundamental Attribution Error
Blaming situation vs person

"5 top wtf"
eg. split pushing

- Self-Serving Bias
attributing good to self, bad to external factors
rejecting negative feedback

"can't carry noob team"
eg. KDA, sharing match history

"Know your environment"
Cooperating with your Team

- Cornell - Lemon Robber
- Incompetent people may:
be so bad they don't know they're bad
fail to recognize genuine skill of others
overrate their own abilities
- Competent people may:
underestimate their own abilities
assume what is easy for them is easy for others
eg. low elo vs high elo, critique of pros
Tilting in League of Legends

A study to see how social pressure from a
majority group can affect a person to conform

Normative conformity - to be accepted
Informational conformity - to be right

eg. objective calls, meta/off-meta champs
In groups of 2-3:
Share an experience of trolling/tilting/toxicity.
How do you tilt players?
How do you avoid being tilted?
Eg. Flex picking, all chat, skillshots
Ideal methods:
-Post-game analysis
-Have others critique your play

Secondary methods:
-Watch high rated players / tournaments
- teamfight
- ganking
- map awareness!!!
Tilt: a poker term for a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over-aggressive.
eg. repeated ganks,
When you rage...
- Physical Changes
Excessive hormone release
Increased rate of atherosclerosis (fat build-up in arteries)

- Fight-or-flight response
Vasodilation near key organ systems

Self-fulfilling prophecy: When a person unknowingly causes a prediction to come true, due to the simple fact that he or she expects it to come true.
Expecting to lose? It's "experimentally shown to reduce your chances of winning."
-Rito Games
57:48, 39:51 in game
"camp me more" "open mid" "?"
"Let me give you a hug."
- lack of attention and is not associated with any vision defects or deficits. It may be further defined as the event in which an individual fails to recognize an unexpected stimulus that is in plain sight.
Robber's Cave Experiment
Limited resources leads to conflict, prejudice and discrimination between groups who seek that common resource. Once hostility has been aroused, it is very difficult to return to normal relations and an ongoing feud can arise.
In Relations to League ?!
- value of teamwork
- opponents will try to tilt you
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