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Binge Drinking

affects and prevention of Binge drinking

Haley McMillan

on 13 August 2010

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Transcript of Binge Drinking

Double click anywhere & add an idea Binge Drinking. Prevention drink moderately
dont drink everytime you socialise
dont drink and drive
Effects hang overs headaches Nausea and vomiting shakiness date rape sexual intercourse without a condom exposure to STI'S Possible pregnancy fighting and brawling drowning drug overdose self harm or suicide Emilee and her boyfriend Cody went out to there first party. All of Emilee's friends were drinking and she wanted to look cool in front of her boyfriend. She decided to have a few drinks but once she started she didnt stop. Emilee ended up not being able to control her actions. Her boyfriend cody took this as an advantage and raped her. A few weeks later Emilee found out she was pregnant.

none of her friends supported her and she was often teased at school about it. Emilee found this very hard to cope with and later on got diognosed with depression.

this one night has ruined Emilee's reputation and childhood.
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