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Water Conservation

No description

IERCD Education

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Water Conservation

Water Conservation
How many gallons of water are used for one load in the washing machine?

1) 25-35 gallons

2) 15-20 gallons

3) 45-60 gallons
How many gallons are used when washing a car?

1) 35- 60 gallons

2) 100 gallons

3) 200 gallons
Cut 20 gallons of personal water use per day by 2020
Landscaping Switch:
Inland Empire Garden Friendly Basics:
San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District
Public Agency

Regional agency managing long-term water supply for this part of the County
Why Discuss Water Conservation?
Inland Empire Resource Conservation District
Public Agency/ RCD

Providing conservation, restoration, and education/outreach services to residents over 1,200 sq. miles of the Inland Empire
Open Space Conservation/Habitat Restoration
Classroom programming- Water conservation & other topics
Volunteer Based Events
Water Conservation Promotion: Community Garden Support
Management of Santa Ana River Watershed Resources
IE Garden Friendly Plants
Water Sources
Inland Empire
Impact on water supply: each new resident requires on average 200 G/day for personal use
The California State Water Project
Sources of Drinking Water
How much more water is used on lawn areas versus those landscaped with drought-tolerant plants?

1) 25% more

2) 40 % more

3) 60% more

4) 80-90% more
A C T I O N!
Immediate Remedy:
Turn off faucets when brushing teeth/washing dishes
10 gallons per person/day savings
Advanced Remedy
Fix leaky faucets!
15-20 gallons/day
Check website for rebate application and details!
High Efficiency Sprinkler Heads
Apply directed, uniform water distribution to your landscape
Properly direct water flow and use 20% less water than conventional spray heads
Rebates max out at $60; suggest to replace at the same time
Solutions in
Weather-based Irrigation Timer
Reduce amount of over-irrigation through weather-based component tracking current conditions and making automatic adjustments
Rebates are maxed out at $75/unit
High Efficiency Toilets
Significant potential water savings, as largest amount of water used inside your home-- 30%-- goes toward flushing the toilet
Rebates of $100/toilet from YVWD
Water Use Efficient Landscaping/Xeriscaping
Are these are only options?
The answer is:
Inland Empire Garden Friendly Basics:
Information Gathering
Step 1:
Map it!
Examine your yard for areas of direct sunlight, water availability, soil type, drainage
Step 2:
California anemone
Carpenteria californica
Step 3:
Step 4:
Site Preparation
Snow flurry
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus
measure/mark garden site
test soil
removal of weeds
no fertilizer, soil amendments
Inland Empire Garden Friendly Basics:
Ensure to plant according to native species' needs
Mulch your garden
True OR False
Soil must be amended for IE Garden Friendly Plants
Drought tolerant plants hate summer water (except for initial establishment period) but like winter water
Water for life, not growth
Collect stormwater in the winter and use it!

1. Water deeply for initial planting
2. Water once every two weeks if soil is dry 2 inches below mulch surface
Overwatering poses a serious threat to long-term plant health
Overwatering reduces tolerance to drought
Summer watering results in hot, moist soils
Inland Empire Garden Friendly Basics:
Strong evergreen foundation with foliar contrast
Dry Streambeds
slows moisture before it runs onto the street-- captures stormwater for reuse and prevents NPS pollution
created from rocks
focal point
True OR False
Inland Empire Garden Friendly species can only be planted in the fall during cooler weather.
Showy penstemon (
Penstemon spectabilis
True OR False
Inland Empire garden friendly drought-tolerant gardens must look like this:
You are NOT restricted to the use of cacti and succulents in your California Friendly garden
While many drought tolerant plants undergo a semi-deciduous period in the summer through fall, to help them survive this dry, warm/hot season of the year you can sprinkle plants with water to prevent them from completely drying out
Inland Empire Garden Friendly Basics:
IE Garden Friendly plants do not grow well under the same conditions as common garden plants
Bush mallow (
Excessive water and nutrients can be damaging to native plants
Bush poppy ( Dendromecon harfordii)
Excessive weed presence can be very damaging to IE garden friendly garden
Thank you!
Contact Information:
Katie Heer
Inland Empire Resource Conservation District
25864- K Business Center Dr.
Redlands, CA 92374
909-799-7407 x 102
Population Growth (Millions of Residents)
Upcoming Programs
in your Region
October. 4th: Murrieta

October 11th: Redlands
For more information visit:
Collaborative conservation effort developed by water agencies and cities throughout the Inland Empire

For years, local agencies and cities have worked to secure our water supply by banking water in wet years, looking for new sources, rethinking the use of treated water and working with customers to conserve

Information on rebates, tips and tools to conserve water

What is iEfficient?
Want more information?
California's Drought
Friday, January 17, 2014, Governor Jerry Brown officially declared a drought state of emergency for California
The state struggles with the lowest amount of rainfall in 153 years
Water Restrictions:
Outdoor Activities

Watering outdoor landscapes in a manner that causes excess runoff;
Using a hose, without a shut-off nozzle, for any purpose;
Using drinking water in non- recirculating fountains or decorative water devices; and,
Washing down driveways/sidewalks except for health and safety purposes
Water Restrictions:
Outdoor vs. Indoor Consumption
Indoor Water Uses
On July 25, 2014, the SWRCB approved Resolution No. 2014-0038 requiring restrictions on potable water usage for irrigation, water used for washing of sidewalks and driveways, any irrigation water causing runoff, and regulations requiring cities to implement their water conservation plan that restricts use of potable water for outdoor irrigation purposes
restriction went into effect on July, 28, 2014, and will be in effect for 270 days unless extended or repealed
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