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The OVC Gang Injunction & Gentrification in Orange, CA

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Courtney Mendoza

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of The OVC Gang Injunction & Gentrification in Orange, CA

The OVC Gang Injunction & Gentrification
By Courtney Mendoza

OVC Gang Injunction
Old Towne Gentrification
Injunctions limit civil liberties and rights, as well as economic livelihood
The injunction can no longer be implemented unto the area or the people w/ help from the ACLU
Rare example of victory for gang injunction repeal
The struggle for the community to maintain its culture and roots continues...
Property for sale near the Orange Circle on Glassell Street
Food Mart/Gas Station across from the University recently closed down
Another property for sale on Glassell St. near The Friendly Center
What lies ahead...
“The injunction will motivate the affected folks to move out...causing the property values to plummet, making it even easier for a predatory corporation to pick off the remaining properties. In this case, the predatory corporation, the real big money in central Orange, is Chapman University.”

- Vern Nelson

Emigdio Vasquez's historic Cypress Street mural is now a Chapman-owned property
Killefer Site property for sale
Residential homes converted into university campus offices along Glassell Street
Recent Chapman University Developments
Research lab on the corner of Lemon St. & Palm Ave.
Chapman University in the process of expanding from approx. 58 acres to 75+ acres (OC Register, June 2 2015)
80+ properties approved by the city for Chapman's development
The City of Orange's General Plan & Chapman University's Specific Plan encourage development and "enhancement" of the community
Sunkist-Villa Park Orchards building under Chapman ownership
McCarthy Construction site
Chapman's new performing arts center
Abandoned property next to the Cypress Street mural
Beer keg outside a residence
Property under renovation for unspecificed university-use
3 rebuilt residences and 1 renovated apartment complex on Olive Street
Old Towne residents have negative views toward Chapman students
Chapman's expansion is at the cost of rising rents and vacated properties
Lower-income & minority residents have felt the harshest effects of the OVC gang injunction & gentrification
Follow-up with residents, city funding records, Chapman's integration efforts, and business owners' opinions will aid in further research
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