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The Namdaemun

No description

Wafaa yo

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of The Namdaemun

A project about: The Namdaemun What is The Namdaemun ? It's one of the The Eight Gates of Seoul, it's officially known as Sungnyemun, both are Korean words which literally mean "Gate of Noble Ceremonies".
The gate is located in an area called Jung-gu between Seoul Station and Seoul City Plaza, next to the historic 24-hour Namdaemun market. Why was it built? To greet messengers from other countries.

To control access to the capital city.

To keep out enemies.

It was closed in the winter to protect the city from strong winds and to keep themselves warm. History! It was first
finished in 1398,
and rebuilt in 1447.

It is recognized as the first National Treasures of South Korea.

Before the 2008 fire,
Namdaemun was the
oldest wooden
structure in Seoul. Namdaemun was extensively damaged
during the Korean War
and was given its last major repair in 1961. At 8:50 p.m.
February 10, 2008,
a fire broke out and
severely damaged the wooden structure at the top of the Namdaemun gate. The fire continued till after midnight and destroyed the structure, despite the efforts of more than 360 firefighters. The Cultural
Administration of South
Korea said that it would undertake a three-year project that would cost an $14 million to rebuild and restore the historic gate.
the gate would be
completed in
May 2013. Restoration Fire! The Namdaemun before 2008's fire The Namdaemun was used before the fire to hold big ceremonies and folk celebrations, where Koreans dance, sing, and play traditional instrument. It’s a great tourist attracting monument, because of The Namdaemun Market that sells traditional food and Hanbuk (traditional dress). In conclusion The Namdaemun is an important treasure that stands strong in the heart of the city, with skyscrapers around it from everywhere. Despite all the failed tries to destroy it, The Namdaemun will continue to combine the ancient Korean culture and the advanced developed one.
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