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Literature Circle-Steal Away

No description

Anthony Chavez

on 17 May 2012

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Transcript of Literature Circle-Steal Away

They are trying to run away so they can be friends without anyone to stop them. To get there they have to go from Virginia to Vermont. Main Idea -slaves wanted to be free
-whites owned slaves to do their work Learned Knew -some slaves were able to escape
-whites were close friends with some slaves
-whites helped some slaves escape -courteous(showing respect and consideration to others)
-theology(the study and explanation of faith)
-unnameable(to not be friendly)
-vigorous(very healthy and strong)
-Ivanhoe(a novel written by Sir Walter Scott) Vocabulary AMAZING FACT!!! In the story white people freed slaves. Risking their protection and dignity. This particular white(Susannah) was great friends with her slave and went on a journey to free her so they can be friends no matter what. In the story there are African Americans working on a farm for white people. In the olden days(1600's-1800's)Many Africans were forced to do white peoples jobs. Connection The library
Other books about slaves running away
Also books about these times Beyond The Text Overall it was a pretty good book but I would only recommend it to people who do not like action-packed novels because its a slow going story. Evaluation The End Please comet nicely:) Is it really the end? Steal Away...To Freedom WOW! O.K. Nope its not the end, I forgot my name:) This presentation was by the amazing:Anthony Chavez!! wink;) By:Jennifer Armstrong Susan
Bethlehem Characters Here are some places to learn more about Steal Away
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