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Welcome to US History

No description

Lois MacMillan

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to US History

Welcome to US History
Ms. MacMillan
Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.
Abraham Lincoln
A or 5

: Superior academic performance through evidence of in-depth understanding and demonstration of skill/standard.
B or 4

Approaching Mastery
: Consistently meets and sometimes exceeds the basic skill/standard and has a complete understanding, and can demonstrate the skill/standard.

C or 3
Meets the standard with basic knowledge and demonstration. Some errors may be present.
F or 2/1
Working Toward Proficient:
Not yet passing. Occasional demonstration of skill/standard. Limited achievement of the grade level standards/expectations. Proficiency cannot be determined due to missing assignments, and/or length of time in school.

Classroom Policies
You are given adequate time to complete everything in class.
All assignments are formative assignments..
All assessments are summative.
Learning targets are "I can statements."
In my class there is a strong emphasis on writing.

Late Work, Missing Work and Reassessment: With every absence I will do anything and everything to help you get caught up with missing work. Students may be given opportunities to retake assessments they fail, or wish to retake, in order to demonstrate proficiency.
Our studies will go beyond facts, dates, names, places, events, and ideas. True historical understanding requires students to engage in historical thinking: to raise questions and to marshal text based evidence in support of their answers; to go beyond the facts presented in their textbooks and examine
primary documents
. The course will promote strategies that students will use to analyze the complex text and vocabulary in
primary documents
from five eras of US History:

Revolutionary War
Western Expansion
Antebellum Period
Civil War/Reconstruction
Course Description
Combined Syllabus for 8th Grade
Exploration, Encounter, Exchange
Time Tracker
Signing the
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