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No description

Eden Matsoukis

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Microsoft

Future Potential and Trends
Microsoft continually strives for technological advancements. Listed below are a few products that Microsoft anticipates to introduce in the future:
Website Objectives
Site is user friendly and easy to navigate
Core information available within a few clicks
Up to date and relevant information
Products are easily accessible for view and purchase
Site easily found with key words on search engines
Site has a social media presence
Recognizable brand
Mobile friendly
Focused content
Site is secure
(IBM, n.d.)

The number of hits, the traffic volume, and number of user sessions
Visitor geographical location
Visitor browser and operating systems used
Hourly and daily traffic patterns
Kinds of referrals from other sites
Traffic Sources: whether a visitor typed in URL, did a query search, or were referred from another site
How many interactions per visit
Whether the visitor is a first time visitor or a returning visitor
(Kissmetrics, n.d.)
Digital Footprint-Contingency Plans
Microsoft's Footprint
Environmental sustainability is core to our business practices. It influences our day-to-day operations, inspires us to develop more efficient IT solutions, and motivates us to give our employees tools that will help them act responsibly for our environment
(Microsoft, n.d.).

Microsoft is becoming Leaner, Greener, and more Accountable by:
Microsoft Carbon Free Theory and practice
Becoming Carbon Neutral
Microsoft recognized by EPA
Carbon disclosure projects
Wind power projects

Online Properties
Speed -
site loads quickly with no delays

Tracking -
ability to spot and react to important trends almost before they are apparent in the entirety of the market (Selverthorne 2002)

Link building -
Microsoft uses link building to create a place for themselves in search engines as a marketing tactic.
Offers link building tool to customers called Money Robot

Search engine optimization
- Multiple forms of products and services build a unique resource, allowing the firm versatility in search engines (Selverthrone 2002)

User friendly navigation -

with their sites as well as with this products and service

Fresh Content -
Microsoft responds effectively to technological change

Recommendations for...

and Outlook
E-Marketing Metrics, Conclusion,

Lauren Chorkey
Melissa Foreman
Mariah Priest
Eden Matsoukis

Improving the Business Model
Cortana (Artifical Intelligence) -
Microsoft's goal is for Cortana to have the ability to read large volumes of data and be able to categorize that data.
Example: Cortana to searches through job candidates to find the most qualified for the position
Rather than Microsoft going with their tradition model, they should instead take on a "New Approach, one that emphasizes product integration and a 'freemium' software package.
Example: Instead of using Skype once per week to call home, one would use it for messaging 15, 20, or 30 times a day. That's engagement.
(Ross 2015)
Growth through mergers and acquisitions
Focusing on smartphone segments
Mobile Advertising
Developing innovative products and services
Cloud based services
(Dudovskiy 2015)
Dudovskiy, J. (2015, May 01). Microsoft SWOT Analysis - Research Methodology. Retrieved February 09, 2016, from http://research-methodology.net/microsoft-swot-analysis/

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Schneider, J., Schneider, J., & Lorenz, R. (2005). Creating user-friendly databases with Microsoft Access. Retrieved from Pubmed.gov: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16220841

Selverthorne, S. (2002, December 2). The Secret of How Microsoft Stays on Top. Retrieved from Workin Knowledge: http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/the-secret-of-how- microsoft-stays-on-top

Smith, M. (2015, February 26). This video shows how Microsoft plans to add holograms to your daily life. Digital Trends. Retrieved from: http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/microsofts-new-future-vision-shows-super- intelligent-digital-assistant/

Wearable Technology -
is on the rise and Microsoft hopes to capitalize on that. The plan for the future would be that these wearable devices would turn a human arm into a touch screen

Holograms -
Microsoft would like to allow the use of holograms without the use of eyewear. The idea would be to have holograms on nearly everything imaginable that would allow a person to get more information on it.
Example: Diver could look at a piece of coral and by using the hologram, get more information about it like the name, size, history, etc.

(Smith 2015)
Metrics Used by Microsoft
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