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Car Clubs

No description

Robert Macdiarmid

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Car Clubs

Started in Switzerland and Germany with Car sharing clubs first starting in the UK in Leeds and Edinburgh (1998)
What are the critical success factors?
High density area with parking constraints
Roles of different stakeholders in success
Support from developer through marketing activity showing option of car club
Do's and Don'ts of cars and car clubs
Car Clubs
A review of experience and good practice
- What are Car Clubs?

- Critical success factors

- Roles of different stakeholders in success

- Incentivising

- Do’s and don’ts

206,650 members (2015) 3,600 vehicles operated in the UK
Most are ‘base to base’ round trips but a growing minority offer one-way (drive now)
Traffic congestion
What are Car Clubs?
Evidence suggests that a third of car club members have deferred a planned vehicle purchase since joining the car club
Availability of public transport
Co-location and clustering of clubs
Wider community use
Local planning officer understanding (Edinburgh)
Effective delivery needs:
A Planning Authority committed to low car/car free housing
A car club operator establishing a complementary local network in the area
• Developers willing to engage
Need to encourage early arrivals through free membership, driving credits
Until development complete and fully occupied, new residents need incentives to try service
Visibility of cars – key requirement
The Don'ts of Cars
The do's of Car Clubs
Encourage use of the club by local residents
Incentivise the club to ensure early take up
Better suit urban developments with parking constraints
Accessible public transport network
Seek advice, early on, from operators
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