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The Orchestra

No description

Mr Duke!

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of The Orchestra

The Orchestra
What is an Orchestra?
An orchestra is an assembly of musicians who play a wide range of instruments: strings ranging in tone and timbre from the violin to the double bass; woodwinds from the piccolo to the double bassoon; brass from the trumpet to the tuba; and percussion of many shapes and sizes
What instruments are there?
There are many instruments in the orchestra but the most known instruments are: violin, piano, drums, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, recorder and keyboard. They are assembled like this
What is the most famous orchestra?
London Symphony Orchestra is the world's most famous orchestra. Their conductor is currently Simon Halsey CBE who is a choral director. In the past they have had Sir Simon Rattle OM CBE
who is a Music Director Designate, he started being a conductor for the London Symphony Orchestra when he was 22.

Fun Facts
The word ‘orchestra’ derives from a Greek phrase meaning ‘dancing place’.
When the word ‘orchestra’ first appeared in English it meant ‘the art of dancing’.
The Royal Danish Orchestra claims to be the world’s oldest still in existence. It has its roots in a Royal Chapel Orchestra founded in 1448.
The word ‘karaoke’ comes from a Japanese phrase meaning ‘empty orchestra’.
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