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Math Book Project

No description

Harsha Ayyagary

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Math Book Project

Dedicated to my parents who do their very best for me.
Everyday people tell me that math is everywhere, but today seems to be different. I seem to be cursed with math! I wake up and I wonder all the time about math.
A Day of Mathematics
By Sriharsha Ayyagary

About The Author
My lunch box and the shape of my room are both similar rectangular prisms. The height of my lunch box is 1 foot and its length is 0.5 feet. The length of my room is 10 feet. How tall is my bedroom?
I had 7 pairs of pants, but I donated 2 of them. How much did I donate percentage wise?
My school has a six day schedule and I have orchestra on three of those days. Two out of the three days I go to orchestra are consecutive. What is the probability that I have orchestra two days in a row?
I heat my milk in the morning in the microwave for 1 minute. My father heats his coffee for 3/2 times the amount I do. My mother heats her coffee for 5/4 times the amount I do. My sister heats her milk for 9/8 times the amount I do. How many minutes does the microwave run for?
On my math test, for every single problem I get wrong the teacher adds -3 points to my score. If there are 139 questions on my test and I get 7 wrong, how many points did I get?
My teacher's desktop computer is 40 cm high and 47.5 cm wide. The teacher's laptop is 31.4 cm wide. If the computers are in proportion, how tall is her laptop?
My house is a corner house between two streets. Considering the corner as the origin, I have to walk 10 feet on one street and five feet vertically to reach the entrance of my house. Where is my house on this coordinate grid?
My dad wants to bring a collapsible ladder into my room to fix something, and the ladder is 15 feet tall. However the entrance is only 8 feet tall. How many feet does my dad have to collapse the ladder to safely bring the ladder vertically into my room?
I am buying a birthday present which is in the shape of a cube, and each side is 9.25 inches long. I am going to wrap the box with gift-wrap, how much gift-wrap will I need? What is the volume of the cube?
My dad buys 4-large size containers of ice cream for my family. Each large-size container is 3 cups in volume. How many containers will it take to fill a gallon?

The author, Sriharsha Ayyagary, lives in Westford, Massachusetts, United States of America. He is 12 years old and a seventh grader at Stony Brook Middle School.
A Day of Mathematics
By Sriharsha Ayyagary

1. 20 feet
2. 28.6 feet
3. 1/10
4. 4 7/8 minutes
5. 26.4 cm tall
6. 118 points
7. (10,0)
8. 7 feet
9. 626398 square inches 791.5 cubic inches
10. 5 1/3 containers
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