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Gay Rights

Some people may be against gay right, but i am for gay rights because everyone is equal.

sydney matteson

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of Gay Rights

Gay rights Some people may be against gay rights, but I am for gay rights because everyone is equal. Time Line 1869 The term "homosexuality " appears the have first been used. 1961 According to the Vatican, anyone who is "affected by the perverse inclination" towards homosexuality is not eligible to take religious vows or be ordained within the Roman Catholic Church. 1973 The American Psychiatric Association voted 13-0 to remove homosexuality from its DSM-II (the official list of psychiatric disorders). June 30, 1986 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in the case of Bowers v. Hardwick that homosexual activity between consenting adults in the privacy of the home was not protected by the Constitution. February 26, 1990 Refusing to consider the cases of Ben-Shalom v. Stone and Woodward v. U.S., the U.S. Supreme Court effectively upheld the right of the American military to discharge gays and lesbians of the armed forces. January 1996 The American Baptist Church of the West expelled four San Francisco Bay congregations for welcoming homosexuals and not teaching that homosexual activity is a sin. April 1996 Delegates at the General Conference of the United Methodist Church voted down a proposal to eliminate language in church law that declares homosexuality to be "incompatible with Christian teaching." June 1996 The Southern Baptist Convention announced a boycott of all Disney parks and products because of the company's decision to give insurance benefits to the partners of gay employees and for hosting "Gay Days" at Disney theme parks. Conservatives would accuse the APA of giving in to "political correctness" for this decision, arguing that homosexuality should continue to be treated as a disorder. April 19, 2000 Vermont approves the creation of same-sex unions, thus entitling gay couples to rights and benefits normally available to married couples. Angelika and Gudrun Pannier become Germany's first gay couple to legally wed in a civil marriage ceremony February 12, 2004 City officials in San Francisco, California began issuing marriage licenses to homosexual couples and performed the first known civil marriage of a homosexual couple in the U.S. by marrying the homosexual activists and lesbian couple, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon. Over 80 couples were given quick ceremonies. February 24, 2004 President George W. Bush announced that he supported a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. March 12, 2004 The Wisconsin State Senate approved of an amendment to the state constitution (20-13) that would ban same-sex marriages. Against (Failure) States Against Alaska Nevada Montana Oregon Utah Nebraska Missouri Michigan North Dakota Ohio Kentucky Ending This world wide topic has not come to a full conclusion. People all over the world are still depating about the rights of gays and lesbian. Hopefuly there will be a act of justice and the gays will be able to live their life just like any other person. Interviews Georgia Matteson My mom, Georgia Matteson's opinion on "Gay Rights" is that all the states should have their own choice. She also said that in her opinion the state of CO should allow gay marriage. When i asked her why she said because everyone is equal and we all deserve the same rights. Charlie Matteson Charlie Matteson believes that everyone should have equal rights whether they are gay or have special needs. Paul My brother, Paul thinks that since "Gay Rights" have nothing to do with those who are not gay, that it should not be up to them weather or not they have the same marriage rights as others.
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