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Plot Diagram: The Gift of the Magi

Language Arts - Short Stories project

MacKenzie McDonald

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Plot Diagram: The Gift of the Magi

Plot Diagram The Gift of the Magi Exposition Rising Action Climax Denouement Falling Action The End The Gift of the Magi takes place in the early nineteen hundreds most likely in small town. Jim and Della, the two main characters, are living a meager life. Money is not as important as their relationship though. Della has extremely long brown hair which is compared to running brown water in the story and also said to be more beautiful than any queen's jewels. Jim was once a well paid man at his job earning thirty dollars a week. However, there was a a cut back in money so then he was only being paid twenty dollars a week. The rising action for this short story is when Christmas is near but Della does not have enough money to buy Jim a Christmas gift. At first, Della does not know how she will get Jim the perfect gift even though she has been putting a penny aside everyday so she could eventually buy Jim a gift. But it was not enough. Anxiously, Della contemplated selling her most prized possession, her hair. The climax to the story takes place after Della cuts her hair off and she is waiting anxiously for Jim to come home from work. When he first walks in the door, Della does not know what Jim's reaction will be; will he still love her ? Will he like his gift she gave up her most prized possession she sold to get him? Will he not want to be with her anymore? Ashamed? Once Jim is over Della's new appearance without her long, beautiful hair, Jim tells Della that he will love her no matter what she does with her hair. "Nothing like a haircut could make me love you any less." ~Jim (Page 5) In the end, Jim and Della are happy with each others gifts however, they are useless at the moment. Jim sold his prized watch to buy Della the hair combs she has been wanting for quite a while. Della sold her hair to buy Jim a golden chain for his watch. They were not just thinking of themselves, they were thinking of each other. They are Magi. MacKenzie
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