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How To Do Fouette Turns

No description

Meghan Busca

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of How To Do Fouette Turns

How To Do Fouetté Turns
Step # 6

Step # 5
Step # 4
Make sure you relevé passé off of your left leg like this, while you relevé passé do one turn towords your right side.
Step # 2
Find a good place to be able to spin. A good place to spin would be a wide room so you don't hit anything, with a floor that is slippery. Not too slippery though because you can wipe out and hurt yourself.
Step # 1
Start by putting on your jazz shoes, ballet shoes, or socks. Those are the most simple materials you can use.
How to do Fouetté turns
Materials you need!
You need to provide yourself with jazz shoes, ballet shoes, or socks.
You also need a good floor to spin on, with a wide room.
Fouetté turns are super enjoyable, but you might need a little bit of practice at first! So lets get started!
Step # 3
Its now time to spin! Start with a preparation, it looks like this! As you can see the girl in this picture is bending her knees, and is putting her arms out so that she can get momentum to spin.
Then from plié quickly switch your leg while your still in plié to first position battment. Now do one turn in battment relevé. Battment relevé is when your on the ball of your foot with your leg straight in front of you. Make sure to turn your leg out, it looks like this.
Step # 7
Now do one quarter of a turn with your leg in battment second like the image shows.
Step # 8
Now bring your leg back to relevé passé position and do one more turn.
You have completed your Fouetté turn! Soon, once you get better you can do multiple Fouetté turns in a row.
Thanks for watching!
When your doing a Fouetté turn make sure you squeeze your stomach muscles. You squeeze your stomach mucles so that you can stay balanced while turning. You also want to plant the ball of your foot into the floor and lengthen your upper body at the same time. Another tip that can help you is if you spot your head. Spotting your head is when you do a turn and your head is the last thing that comes around. You spot your head so that you don't get dizzy. If you follow these instructions it will be easier for you to do a Fouetté turn, and you will also be able to do a Fouetté turn better if you work on these tips.
After you complete one full turn stop at the front for a split second and plié while you stop. A plié is when you bend your knee or knees.
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