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Music History: Final Progect


andre smith

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of Music History: Final Progect

Wycleff Jean How he started Rapper started in a band called Fugees
Released album in 1993
''The Score''It sold more than 15 million copies worldwide
Jean announced that he would be running the presidency of Haiti Enagable to run for president Early Life Born as nel ust
October 17, 1969
Moved from Haiti to Brooklyn
Jean was one of four children
Ebony magazine story
When he made it Spoke only Haitian French quickly learned English from listening to rap music
Wyclef, along with his cousin Prakazrel Michel and friend Lauryn Hill, also started experimenting with hip hop music.
In order to afford studio time to record their music, jean saved up money from his job at McDonald's. Finally famos Jean released his album he also produced it carnival, in 1997, which explored the music like salsa, reggae, afro cuban, funk, rap & r&b .
In particular, the single "Killing Me Softly," a remake of Roberta Flack's 1970s hit, stayed at the top of the R&B singles chart for seven months. Personal Life Jean is married to designer Marie Claudinette. They have one daughter, Angelina Claudinelle Jean, who they adopted in 2005. The family resides in New York City.He has also produced hits for other artists including Carlos Santana's Maria Maria and Whitney Houston's smash hit My Love . His production company, Fugee camp features upcoming new artits such as his brother and sister who perform as Melky Sedeck. Wyclef plays several instruments on stage while rapping in english, japenesse, cerole. His foundation The Wyclef Jean Foundation, promotes musical among kids. He is one of the greats in history in my oppion of course. Wyclef hold on ft mavado Who I need to respect http://www.biography.com/people/wyclef-jean-587970 http://www.wyclef.org/bio.html Why I picked Wyclef When i was little i grow up listen to old type of songs and whyclef has that type to me of course eversence then I was listen to all of his imsporational songs.Wyclef is a great raper and even better when hes with some one else.I would most deffiently tell and alredy told my freinds about him. Wyclef got imsprations from Bob Marley ,Bob Dylan,Bee Gees, Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye just to name a few. This would have tide in to the Romatic Era, his type of music of love and peace, and overcoming stuff would really tie in the romatic era.I would mostly compare him to Beethoven, both stud up for what they wnated and didnt change no matter what. Artists who inspired Wyclef Jean http://www.metrolyrics.com/wyclef-jean-biography.html
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