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The Many Tasks of Heracles

No description

Tahmina Begum

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of The Many Tasks of Heracles

The story of Heracles...
The two lessons from this myth are:

Repent for your sin ( "The best of sinners are those who repent." )
Obey God.
Greek Virtues..
This myth is tied to two greek virtues.
Myth & Modern Life..
We can apply this myth to our modern life in many ways.
For example, if we take the two greek virtues (wisdom and courage) from this myth and apply it to our life , then our life would become much easier to live . Let's say when we make a mistake, not most of us actually take a look back and even try to ask for forgiveness to the God or try to fix what we have done wrong. Most of us don't have the courage to face problems rather than just making mistakes and letting it go. Which is why God curse us to live a bad life . If we follow wisdom and have courage to face fears, obey God then we will live a much lighter life than a life full of stress.
Modern stories ...?
This myth teaches the same lesson as the modern story called "The Big Fish". Edward and Heracles has lot of similarities such as , they are both very confidence on what they were doing and they both were intelligent .
Thank You for Watching

Modern virtues..
What I think of this myth?
I think this myth means as soon as you realize your mistake try to find a way on correcting yourself.
Thank you for watching

The Many Tasks of Heracles
By: Tahmina Begum
Momtaz Begum

Heracles was the son of great god Zeus. He was born to be very strong and very brave of all men. Hera was his step mother, who hated the fact that Heracles was blessed by all of the god and goddesses. One day she sent two deadly snakes to her step-son's cradle , yet she failed to kill Heracles. Since then she hated him even more. As Heracles grew up , he got married and became a father of many children. His step mother was jealous of his success and happiness. According to her jealousy, once she made him insane in a terrible rage that he killed all his children. When he realized that he had committed a big sin , he wanted to repent, so he was told by a priestess to work as a slave for Eurystheus, the king of Tiryns. King Eurystheus gave him 12 difficult tasks to do. Heracles' long journey began from there.

Who should read this myth?
12 Tasks ..
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