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Panda Bears

No description

mikaela milhaupt

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Panda Bears

Panda Bears
Group Behavior Expert: Macey Malone
Group Behavior of the Giant Panda
Cooperative (social) Behavior Expert: Maddie Lopez
Learned Behavior Expert: Kathleen Rossouw
Pandas are usually solitary creatures. The only time they are seen interacting with other pandas is when they either mate or are caring for their young.
Innate(instinctive) Behavior Expert: Cassie Merone
Learned Behavior
The giant panda has many learned beaviors such as how to cort a mate, marking teratory, and what food to eat within captivity, for example within captivity they learn that they can also eat diferent things other than bamboo from the other panda's.
Sexual(Reproductive) Behavior Export:Mikaela Milhaupt
Panda's are solitary animals and avoid contact with there own kind. The only time the make contact with there own kind is when they need to mate. The only companion they have is there offspring for the first 18 months after birth.
Sexual Behavior Definition
Any activity directed toward perpetuation of a species. The enormous range of animal reproductive modes is matched by the variety of reproductive behaviour.

Improvements to the zoo
Zoo habitats are small compared to the wild. Panda's like there space as well as they don't like to interact with other pandas. A solution that can be made is make a bigger and more open habitat with fewer pandas. This would allow them to have there own space as well as have a mate when it comes to spring.

They could also be given time apart.
Seattle Zoo Panda Habitat
The current habitat at the Seattle zoo is very open but also some what small for the pandas. There are about 2-4 pandas in the cage at this time. There are a lot of trees and little ground space.
Instinctive Behavior
Female pandas have a maternal instinct to care for their young without any practice.
Pandas have a natural instinct to climb trees from a young age.
In the wild pandas are usually born in litters of 2 but the mother will usually only care for the stronger of the 2 because it is so hard for cubs to survive.
The end!
Zoo description/ improvments: Maddie Lopez
Sexual behavior continue...
Pandas can become sexually active after 24 hours of being born. Also the pandas mating season is based around the 3 days out of the year the female panda is "in the mood". Female pandas sometimes don't even notice that they are pregnant tell after several months.
Social Behavior
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