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has lessons 1,2,and 3

Bridget Jenkins

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of ch.9

The arabian peninsula is
near the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf. To west is The Red Sea. There are three main regions.
Jabal al Hijaz Mountains
East Costs
Rub' al Khali

Ch. 9
The Arab World Jabal Al Hijaz Mountains
has enough rain for farming
gets 20 to 40 inches of rain each year East Coast
mostly desert
a quarter gets about 4 inches of rain leaving just enough for farming
few rivers
Rub' al Khali
largest desert
known as the "Empty Quarter"
some ares don't get rain for 10 years
some areas have oases which give enough water to farm
An oasis is an
underground stream. Most people of Arabia herded goats and sheep and grew grapes and wheat traded with the Egyptians When the Arabs went on caravans
to the trade route they often stopped
in Petra which is a city with a large
supply of water. A caravan is a traveling group
of people and animals. Bedouins
"people of the desert"
lived in the desert
traveled in caravans
Mountain Herders
moved throughout the desert
moved to new lands to graze
Lesson 1 Lesson 2 570a.d.-Muhammad is born in Mecca Married Khadija a wealthy widow When Muhammad was near 40 he had a
vision. In his vision the angel Gabriel came
and told him to start a religion with one god,
Allah. This religion is later to be called Islam. Muhammad tried to persuade the people of Mecca to abandon politheisieum. He taught about Allah and over the next 3 years there were followers With Muhammads beliefs the Leaders got
mad and made him abandon Mecca In 622 the Islamic calendar started Muhammad's army defeated Mecca and
they became Islamic The Five Pillars
1st- There is only one God, Allah
2nd-must pray 5 times a day
3rd-give to thosed in need
4th-fast during Ramadan
5th-to those who can afford take
a hajj to mecca
Islam Today
there are 1 billion Islams in
the united states today
in Muslim practices women have
few rights though women are the
dominant parent, mother helps the kids
study the Quaran Lesson 3 760 a.d.-new leaders got muslim power
Islam was only a 100 years old by now. The leaders were known as the Caliphs Calighs were religious and military leaders the Calpihs' main goal is to expand Islam soldiers believed tha if they died in battle they would go to paradise. In alot of places the people welcomed the soldiers because they hated there rulers not all people to whom were conquered became muslim there were allow to continue with there own religion Muslims establish capital in Cordoba 762 a.d.-established capital city, Baghdad, along Tigris River Muslim's learn about medicine, art, math, science, and lititure Good bye By: Bridget Jenkins
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