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From Brando to Brocka: The Influence of Hollywood and the American Colonization to Filipino Films

An En12 Presentation by Abner E. Dormiendo

Abner Dormiendo

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of From Brando to Brocka: The Influence of Hollywood and the American Colonization to Filipino Films

Thesis Statement: American colonization and Hollywood have a huge influence on the Philippine motion picture because the films they produced and the methods of production are much more dominant back then and even now compared to locally-made films. From Brando to Brocka: The Influence of Hollywood and the American Colonization to Filipino Films Abner E. Dormiendo
I- Ab ph
mr. recabar Supporting Points The works and interiors of philippine films is controlled and/or inspired by hollywood. Americans used their financial advantages to control the industry The tickets back then are in dollars (0.50 to 1.00) The first real film in the country was produced by two american businessmen. import of american films to the country is duty-free. American films dominated the philippine movie theaters. 95 percent of the motion picture distribution in the country in 1926 was managed by American companies. hollywood films are given more screening time in theaters back then. americans have the upper hand when speaking of movie equipments and film technology. There was a plan of reconstructing hollywood in the country, known back then as the cervantina-filipina city. the mode of film production done by filipino film companies came from hollywood. departmentalization is applied. different film companies have different genre expertise. Plots across different genres of Filipino films were evidently taken from or inspired by other Hollywood films. show business in the philippines and in hollywood share some similarities. Some local actors tend to imitate some famous hollywood celebrities. There was a system in acquiring stars for movies, seen on both local and hollywood scene. there is the public eye's obsession over the lives of the celebrities contradictions... maybe coincidence? hollywood is the model cinema industry, and the philippines gets a thing or two from it. hollywood provided the genres. isn't it already obvious that the reason why some films are similar is because of these genres? genres are merely frames that you construct the film with. the design of the film is up to the filmmaker. what about indie films? while it is true that indie films are something unique, the mainstream pop culture of the country is not yet ready for it. so you're saying the industry has no hope in breaking out of the hollywood influence? there might be, but as long as the philippines are still under the american pop culture, our film industry is still a slave to hollywood. conclusion the philippine film industry has still a lot to go to break out of the hollywood influence. for as long as the country is obsessed with "the american" than "the filipino", the movies of the country could perhaps not be dubbed as legitimate. Thank you for listening! :) Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
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