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RE:UNION Music Fest [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of RE:UNION Music Fest [Shared]

The Vision
The Basics
Why a Music Fest?
Why Miami?

The Location
The Venue Layout and Amenities
The Artist Lineup
The DJs
The Experience
Execution Strategy
Timeline and Objectives
Board of Advisors
The People
Final Thoughts
The Vision

RE:UNION Music Fest or “The RE:UNION,” is a global music festival aimed to assemble the music of the African Diaspora into one unforgettable, unique experience.

The power of music has been a driving force in communities of African descent since the first drum was heard. Whether it’s Hip-Hop or Reggae, Jazz or Afro-Cuban Salsa, Afrobeat or South African House, these global, iconic, cultural staples have the power to bridge worlds – and people – previously unknown or once forgotten. Music has the power to REUNITE. It is in this vein, The RE:UNION finds its inception. By blending various international music genres of the African Diaspora into one amazing experience, The RE:UNION will reconnect a global family and reestablish the Diaspora’s relationship with the broader worldwide community as one filled with Peace, Love, and Respect.

This is something new. This is something exciting. This is for All. RE:UNION Music Fest is the experience you have been looking for.
The Name

“RE:UNION” reflects the idea that music has the power to reunite the global family of the African Diaspora as one and the global human family as one.
RE:UNION Music Fest, or “The RE:UNION”

Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park – Downtown Miami, FL USA

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

Expected Attendance:
5,000 to 8,000
Live music events, including music festivals have rapidly increased in popularity.
“It's a booming business, even for newcomers. Last year Firefly Music Festival premiered at a racetrack in Dover, Delaware, drawing more than 30,000 patrons daily, making in the neighborhood of $9 million in ticket sales alone. It's estimated to have injected upwards of $12 million into the local economy.”
– LA Weekly
“There's an increased trend of multi-faceted, social events and people are more willing than ever to make sure they don't miss out on experiential, destination weekends with friends."
- Joe Reynolds, CEO of Red Frog Events, founder of Firefly Music Festival
There are proven and highly successful Afro-related music festivals but with different themes showing the viability and the opportunity of The RE:UNION
Example festivals are:
Essence Music Festival (R&B, Soul, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Hip-Hop)
Afropunk (Alternative, Blues, Electronic, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B)
HOT 97 Summer Jam (Hip-Hop)
Rock the Bells (Hip-Hop)
One Musicfest (Hop-Hop, R&B, Alternative)
Best of the Best Concert (Reggae, Soca, Dancehall)
As compared to:
RE:UNION Music Fest (Afro Beat, Afro Pop, Salsa, South African House, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Soca, and more…)
There are a very limited number of large U.S.-based festivals that cater to music of the African Diaspora, and essentially none that cover the full spectrum of global music The RE:UNION will present
Evidence: In Rolling Stone 50 “Must See Festivals”, no more than 6 were heavily focused on a music genre founded in Afro culture
Moreover only one on the Rolling Stone list is held in southern Florida and only three held on our proposed weekend catering to a totally different market
See list here:
2015 Rolling Stone List
Miami is a location match made in heaven
Opportunity to leverage presence of American Black Film Festival (
) attendees as an advantage
Internationally-known city
Hub of major U.S. airline (American Airlines)
Hotbed of international cultures
Gateway to Caribbean/South America
The “It” factor – consistently named as one of America’s sexiest cities
Ultra Music Festival, and other festivals have proven Miami’s ability to host large music events
Consistently ranked as a top U.S. tourist destination, especially in the Summer
Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park is a 8,000 seat waterfront amphitheater located in the heart of downtown Miami, FL. The venue has played host to major artists and is part of the location site for Ultra Music Festival held in March. This venue is sexy, stylish, and exciting.
The venue layout will be thoughtful and easy to navigate. The will be a food area and an area called “The Market” for shopping
Potential Artist Line Up

M.anifest and Mi Casa have already expressed strong interest
50% of the acts will be internationally-based
Will cover wide variety of genres: e.g. Acapella, South African House, Salsa Choke, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, Azonto, Reggae, Soca, R&B
Salsa Choke
Lianne La Havas
Soul / Folk
Kendrick Lamar
American Hip-Hop
Erykah Badu
R&B / Neo-Soul
West African hip-hop
South African Afro-pop
Mi Casa
South African house
Wycleaf Jean
Reggae Fusion / Hip-Hop
ILLUSTRATIVE – Example Line-Up
DJs will be used in between artist performances to transition from one music genre to the next and keep the crowd energized. The DJs will be key to bridging different parts of the Fest by providing the
right energy
at the
right time
throughout the day.
The fest will attract those who are socially-conscious, musically-inclined, fashionable, and appreciative of cultural diversity
Unique. Conscious. Energetic. Dance. Connect. Laugh. Remember.
Although a new festival concept, our objectives and execution strategy are clear and well-defined to ensure success

Short term objectives
Build email distribution and social media awareness
Designate brand ambassadors
Raise funds
July 2015:
LLC business established
Late Aug:
Phase 1 social media campaign strategy
finalized and commenced
Late Sep.:
Designate key brand ambassadors
Mid Nov.:
Artist outreach beings
Early 2015:
Concept established
Early Aug.:
Landing page, social media, logo, email distro. etc. created
Early Sept.:
Venue reserved
Early Nov.:
Booking agents finalized
Late Dec.:
Phase 1 social media campaign complete
Our leadership team has a unique blend of work expertise, cultural backgrounds, extensive travel, and industry contacts
Jeremiah Myers
Creator & CEO
Stephanie O’Conner
Director of Customer Experience / Marketing
Conrad Gray
Director of Artist Relations
Christin “Cici” Battle
Director of Festival Operations / Strategic Partnerships
B.S. Marketing (2008) / MBA (2013)
Mergers & Acquisition Consultant
Managing Partner @ MCE L.L.C., a startup real-estate company
Has traveled to 30+ countries
Lived in Shanghai, China
Computer Science background
Has lived in South Africa
Founder of Buy Modern Africa
Industry connections in U.S., Africa, and Europe
London Native
Lives in Nairobi, Kenya
Pioneer of urban radio both in London and Nairobi
Host of Homeboyz Radio
Jamaican roots and many Caribbean-based connections
Degree in Psychology, Master in Higher Ed.
Miami Native
Working Language Proficiency in Spanish
Lives in Colombia, South America
Partner of Miami-based entertainment company
Become a Partner

Our slogan for RE:UNION Music Fest is, “We’re more than music. We’re family.” In keeping with this belief, we always strive to take care of our family…including YOU our partner. By partnering with a music festival that is one-of-a-kind in the industry, your organization will gain tangible benefits from your investment of support.

We offer various sponsorship levels (see next pages for details) with benefits increasing as the level of sponsorship increase. No matter the level, we have ensured that there is clear value for those willing to act as a sponsor. We are open to customization for our most giving sponsors in an effort to maximize your value while enhancing the unique experience for festival attendees. Your brand will share exposure in our festival materials, promotions, website, social media, and public relations. We will look to work with both a media and social media partner to ensure our strategy of high visibility promotion is winning one.

With a projected attendance of 5,000+, we expect big things in the Summer 2016 for this inaugural event. Your support and partnership will greatly beneficial to what is sure to be a special event. As a sponsor of RE:UNION Music Fest, you will be a part of the “World’s Greatest Family Reunion.” We look forward to you joining our family!
Maybe short video of someone famous
For follow up, please reach out to Jeremiah Myers (
) or Christin “CiCi” Battle (
As a proxy, we leveraged a physiographic study* done by the highly-successful Afropunk Fest (90,000 attendees in 2015) to highlight potential demographic, attitudinal, and cultural similarities we believe will be consistent to our attendees.
Cultural Awareness
“Community Immersion, Marketing and Research Opportunity” – Afropunk/Galileo Psychographic Summary Presentation
2015 Timeline
Reason 1
Reason 4
Reason 3
Reason 2
Such a high level of college degrees would also increase likelihood for higher than average disposable income, and high current student rate suggests a younger audience as well
What’s important to this group both in their personal life and the brands that they associate with is AUTHENTICY.
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