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The Fire Eternal

This is my booktalk prezi on The Fire Eternal by Chris D'Lacey.

Jacob Thornton

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of The Fire Eternal

The Fire Eternal Chris D'Lacey Setting This book's setting alternates between
Northern North America
(location not mentioned) and the Artic. Plot This book is part of a series by Chirs D'Lacey.
In this book, Lucy Pennykettle searches for the boyfriend
of her "part sister" who everyone but her assumes to be dead. Suzanna Martindale (Zanna) writes letters to David every
Valentine's Day (the day he died), Lucy stole one to send to Tam Farrell a reporter who thinks that David was not real. Zanna places
the "Mark of Oomara" on Tam and he forgets everything about
David. Lucy uses her Dragon Gwendolen (Dragons are magical
dragon statues that have certain powers) to restore his memory
and from there on they try to prove that David is still alive,
and try to find him. Plot (Artic) Though most of the story is about Lucy and
her journey to find David, this story alternates
every few chapters to the plot in the Artic.
The ice is melting and the Polar Bear's land is
getting smaller and smaller. The shaman Ingavar
is trying to save the polar caps, but something is
special about this bear, he is actually David who
has joined spirits with this bear. Characters Lucy Pennykettle Elizabath Pennykettle David Rain Suzanna Martindale (Zanna) Tam Farrell Gwendolen Ingavar Kailar Avrel Passage from the book "All right, I'll help, but on three conditions. You keep that brute
of Ragnar away from me, you tell me what you plan to do with the
fire, and, more importantly, you tell me how you came to be here."
Ingavar gave a solemn nod.
"Good. In that case, you need to turn left."
Ingavar signaled to the bears to walk.
"That's better," said Gwilanna, bobbing up and down to the rhythm of his
stride. "It's about time I was given some respect. Caark! Well, whenever you're
ready, David. I think it's time you talked...." Word Choice Solemn
Gawky Audience I would say the audience for this book would be Middleschool students, to highschool students. Would I recommend this book? Yes, even though this is part of a series, so it's hard to understand references to previous books, the book is fun, entertaining, and if you like mysterious stories, this is the story for you.
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