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Cody Heaton Latin Year 2 Final Portfolio

No description

Cody Heaton

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Cody Heaton Latin Year 2 Final Portfolio

Latin Year 2
My Best Translation
Rufilla: Hello! The man is cruel. I am not wanting to come to this house. I am wanting to stay in the city and see London. The city of London is beautiful, where I have many friends. It is difficult to leave. It is not right to leave without the lady romans.

Salvius: Rufilla! How has it changed? Where live(s) you in the city of London, everyday you come to me. Everyday you yourself say " Always, my friends say, how lucky am I. You have a good wife. Wife's that don't have affairs are always precious. A country house is promised. I also want a country house, but to me its nothing. At last you got you country house, but even then she was not content
Rufilla:But I want to live near the city. This house is a long way from the city.
Salvius:You yourself have this taste for a home. I, am then paying a large price, gladly for her. Surely this house is elegant/ Surely even magnificent?
Rufilla: But now to approach to spend the winter. Theres always friends in the city to spend the winter. It is not a convenient house for winter.It is proper to stay with a friend in winter. The lady be roman. My friends are not able to visit. I am alone in this place.
Salvius: Say what? Is alone? You have ten slave women, nine servants, two hair dressers, an Egyptian cook...
Rufilla:And a harsh husband and cruel. No intelligence. No care!
I had a rough start in Latin. My understanding of the language was poor, and I didn't work at it. With this said, the work I produced from the unit two book reflected my understanding as well as effort. I know that my translations, practicing the languages, and all other activities were not my best ability. I was able to slip under the radar for about two weeks, until my blog was checked for its content. This was my wake up call, and after reviewing a translation with Ms. Worrall I saw the damage.
The reason I choose Rufilla is because it was the first translation that I actually did accurately and to the best of my ability. I feel that when I did a re-translated Rufilla, a whole new me started in Latin. I feel that the translation set the pace for the rest of the year. Rufilla let me find a great example of what my translations should look like in the future. I put the first time I translated the story, and the second. The first shows poor grammar,lack of vocabulary understanding, and doesn't make logical sense for the most part.
First Time
My Best Effort!
My second attempt at the translation was easily my best effort and ability throughout the whole year. Comparing the two translations is like comparing night and day. The second translation had all the correct tenses for verbs, along with correct word order. Even more so is the better understanding of the vocabulary. I feel that this is the best translation work on my whole entire blog. Not only does it make sense and have correct grammar,but it shows my best work on a translation.
Rufilla: Salvius! You're a cruel man! I was not wanting to come to this house.I wanted to remain in the city of london. The city of London is beautiful, where I have many friends. It is difficult for me to leave. It is not proper for roman women to live without friends.

Salvius: Rufilla! How inconsitent you are! When we are living in the city of london, everyday you come to me. Everyday you come to me saying " Sempronia, my friend, is luckier than I am. She has the best husband. Her husband always gives her precious things. He promised her a house in the country. I also want a house in the country,but you give me nothing. At last I gave you a country house, but even now you are not happy.
Rufilla:But I wanted to live near a city. This house is a far way from a city.
Salvius:You yourself choose this house.I although it was a large price, gladly bought it. Surely this house is elegant.Surely it is magnificent?
Rufilla:But winter is already approaching. My friends they always spend the winter in the city. Its not convienent for to live in this house during the winter. Its right for me to be with friends during winter. I am roman lady. I am not be able to visit my friends. I am alone in this place.
Salvius: What did you say? You are alone? You have ten slave girls, nine servants, two hair dressers, an Egyptian cook...
Rufilla: and a harsh cruel husband. You understand nothing! You care about nothing!
(She exits crying)
Bad Translation
Second Time
Good Translation
Ultimately this was the translation that gave me a wake-up call. Rufilla shows my actually knowledge of the language unlike the first attempt. This translation is my best translation and is really able to depict what I am able to do when I am focused. My blog would be uncompleted without this translation.
Grammatical Points
The story includes various grammatical points that I have learned in both Latin Year 1 and 2. The story includes use of the noun declensions 1-3, and the use of present,imperfect, and perfect tenses. The grammatical point that was newly introduced during this stage was a more complex use of adjectives. In the stage (14) we learned to form the adjectives so that they match the noun ending.
Cody Heaton
Difficulty in Grammar
Compare and Contrast
Compare and Contrast
First and Second Attempt
The differences between my first and second attempt on the stories were my ability to answer grammatical questions, and the pronunciation. In my first attempt I was still very basic is pronouncing many different words in latin. Words like "Lacrimis" were pronounced wrong, and in my second attempt I did a better job at correctly pronouncing it. In my first attempt I pronounce the words like one would do in spanish. I tend to carry out the "a" and especially words that end in "us". In the second attempt it sounds more like latin. As I moved throughout the stages my grammar also improved. I feel that I was able to more accurately answer questions from this.
The similarities in the two videos was my ability to roughly understand the storyline. I believe that the story is about Modestus faking his own death, but he makes mistakes along the way. Giving his friends the idea that he is a ghost. I felt relatively comfortable with the comprehension questions. The comprehension questions were pretty much the same answers I gave in the beginning. My strength in the stories were definitely being able to recognize and translate words in the story.
The biggest obstacle I faced this year in Grammar was memorizing my noun and verb charts. It was the one part of Latin that really held me back from passing the tests. I think that the issue was that I didn't practice them over the summer, and I did not write the charts out frequently enough.
The Challenge
The Resolution
The first step I took in learning my charts better was seeing my teacher about the charts. I feel that I was able to learn valuable patterns in both the verb and noun charts. The next step I took in order to fully memorize the charts is writing them out everyday when I arrive in class. This was easily the most important step to my success. By writing out these charts I was able to memorize all the noun and verb charts almost a hundred percent correctly. With the help of my instructor and working hard I was able to fix the issue of not knowing my grammar charts. By seeking extra help from my teacher I was also able to gain a better understanding of the meaning behind the actual endings.
Evidence of Increased Vocabulary
"The atomic bomb was necessary to win the war because fire bombing was extremely
"Albert Einstein is known as the greatest scientific mind to ever walk the face of the earth, with this said his morals were
"One event that was able to
the realness of war was when a wall of dead bodies was built to break the cold winds."
"He first hears the song in the city, when a kid is
walking on the curb."

"As the severity of the war heightens many citizens seek
in America, a country that has choose to stay neutral."

"Hahn and Strassman saw this energy and realized its power could be

"The Manhattan Project was able to
secrecy from all Axis powers, with only further proves that this project helped the war effort."
Latin is the basis of our Language, and I have definitely seen improvement in my English vocabulary. The Latin vocab words, as well as derivatives have help me create a better more complex sentence structure. I found that in my writing I am able to use that "perfect" word because of the expansion in my vocabulary. Through me studying my vocab cards and becoming accustomed to using them in Latin to English translations I noticed a better English vocab.
English Improvement
The following examples are quotes I have pulled from Essays/Blogs in both History and English. Each quote I feel represents a better and wider range of Vocab that I have derived from my studies in Latin.
Each of the sentences has the vocab word in red, and its Latin word/derivative.
Receptus- to retreat
Ornatus-dressed up, furnished
Suspendo-hang up or suspend
Insufficiens-literally means inadequate
Precario -pleadingly
Describo-to write
Emilia For Duoviri
The first culture element is the Latin Election Campaign. For this culture project we created different aspects of an actual political election. We were faced with creating a poster, a campaign video, and a social media aspect. We created a poster that read "Vote for Emilia Codius Markus! Actions not words!". To capture the full attention we created a Facebook page and a twitter. The facebook page was the least successful gaining about 10 likes, but we still posted our campaign video and other important pieces to the campaign. The twitter was very successful, Emilia gained a total of 99 followers, here we tweeted little slogans and goals we promised if elected. Unfortunately both have been deleted due to spam reasons. I am most proud of this because of how close the election was. Our work scored us a massive amount of points. The election was close though, and we ended up losing by less than 15 votes. Below are two elements that we used in the project.
To me Alexandria is one of the most fascinating cities during the time. Alexandria during the time was basically today's New York City. It had some of the best architectural achievements known to man. It even a one of the seven wonders of the world, this being the Lighthouse of Alexandria(The Pharos). Alexandria was also a central route for traders around the known world. For this reason the city was full of riches and very prosperous. All throughout the city you could find items that had been trekked across hundreds of miles just to enter the markets. Surrounded by water on two sides, Alexandria was able to provide a safe port for merchants. Along with the manpower to move crates from ships.

Why I am Proud
I am proud of the culture assignments because I feel that I gained puzzle pieces to the evolution of the Roman World. The culture lets you fully understand the nature of the peoples lives during the time. It shows you what the people experience throughout the different cities and events. I am most proud of these two elements mainly because I was more interested in these than any of the others. This allowed me to think more in-depth and make connections throughout the stories as well as in the lives of Romans alike.
Final Reflection
My Work
To be honest I believe that the work and effort I put out in the beginning of the year was pitiful. I know that when I hit rock bottom I tried to bounce back, but it was still a rough road. I feel that I really needed to do less talking and more working. I needed to work more efficiently in class as well as at home. I did not do either for most of the year, and this was my downfall. I did not practice my charts, do all of the activities, and I barely watched any of the videos. From this I suffered on both grammar tests and vocab quizzes. All these combined were my biggest setbacks during this year.
"I had a lot of trouble for the past two stages. It took me a long time to work out of these two stages. Hopefully now I can push forward with minimum roadblocks. I now know that I must work harder, and I have been lately working my way into stage 18. I had trouble translating Latin to english, and different cases such as the relative clauses."
From Stage 16
"Stage 15 I worked on through break and was able to finish it relatively quickly. The only trouble I had was memorizing all the gender cases and remembering what each word. I liked the Relative Clause because I understood the topic very well. It was able to click very well and I was able to recognized. The gender was the only real conflict I faced and I will soon. My favorite part of the stage was learning how to translate better and improving my skills in this area."

Refletion Stage 15
"Before and after Sandy I have been working on trying to advance through stage 14, as I am almost 4 stages behind. The only problem is I forget most of the topics I learned in Latin 1 so I have been reviewing all of my work so that I may advance. I am trying to take it just so I know what I need help with, and so hopefully I may move on and get back on track. I think I have been lagging in my work as I don't work on Latin outside of class. Its something I have to learn to make time for."
Reflection Stage 14
Reflection Stage 17
" I just passed the 15+16 assessment and I am moving on. I faced many obstacles in that stage but have finally moved passed them. So far I have looked into the Genitive Case, and done the line drawings."

"I have finished stage 17 and I am moving on to 18. I have the grammatical topics down pretty well. The only part I have trouble on is the memorization of the endings."
Reflection Stage 18
"The biggest difficulty I have faced in these two stages is the fact that I am not able to memorize the ending in grammar. I able to recognize them, and I have a general understanding of what they mean but cannot match the cases. I think after I study that and vocab I will be able to move on to the next stages."
Reflection Stage 19 and 20
"In this stage I made a considerable amount of progress than in past stages. I was able to adopt a new form of learning vocab words, by doing 3-4 a night. I did not have to many troubles during this stage. The only thing I was not great at was present-active participles. That is the only section I need to retake on the test, and I believe that the teacher helped me understand the concept better today. One major roadblock I had in these stages was sticking to my calendar. I wanted to stay on the calendar but sometimes I could not find time to complete the assignments. Overall I made progress from the past stages!"
Quarterly Assessment
1) Did I reach my quarter target?
No, I wanted to get past stage 20. I am just now getting to stage 20. I am considerably behind my target at this point, so I must adjust my calendar so that I can find a new pace to work at.
2)Was I happy with my progress this marking period?
No I was not, the thought of being so far away from stage 28 makes it hard to be happy about my slow progress. With that I ave started to make better progress than in the last marking periods. My goal right now is to get to 22, this will leave me with a C+ for my final grade.
3)Which stage do you hope to complete?
My best hope is to complete stage 23.
4)Changes i've made?
I have started to follow my calender a lot more closely. I have done my best to stay as close as possible to the goal. I have been working on Latin whenever I have some free time. I have also started to do 3-4 vocab words a night, so that I can memorize them better.
5) Is there anything Ms.Worral can do to help?
No, the language is just tough for me!
6)What have I learned about myself?
Latin is very difficult for me, especially when its self-paced!
To me the biggest triumph of the year was passing the 19+20 Grammar Translation Assessment. This was the first time that I actually used all the tools my teacher gave me. I religiously studied 3-4 vocab works everyday, reviewing the ones I did previously before. I also came into class, then wrote out my charts before I got started on activities. One of the biggest differences was I held myself to doing 3 activities each day I had class. I did my best to complete all of these each and everyday. I took the test and I was given a whole new set of confidence in the class. I only had two parts that I struggled with, which were defining the present participles and English to Latin. This was the biggest triumph of the year, the only problem was that it was in the fourth marking period.
Easily the biggest characteristic I learned about my self was that I need structure to get anything done. That if I don't have to do something I won't because I have bigger problems. Learning this helped me to change my ways in Latin towards the of the year. Ms. Worral and I created a calendar that gave me what I needed to do and when. I feel this was the biggest help of all. Ultimately I need structure and once this structure was set I was more successful then before.
The Dead Language and ME!
Latin has opened up this whole new world to me. The knowledge learned in both the language and culture itself help present the connections on why things are the way they are. The biggest connection I have felt in my life so far with Latin is its ability to give me a next-level understanding in my classes. In math I saw how the math of Eratosthenes(Stage 20) changed the outlook of math forever. His calculation of the earths circumference lead on to what we know today as geometry. Another part of Latin that has come to my rescue on tests is the numbers in Latin. Many of the names of compounds that have multiple atoms in bonds come from Latin numbers. Latin helped me memorize these numbers because they were almost identical! Latin is the connection in all subjects between then and now.Ultimately Latin lets me understand my subjects in a way that is hidden from non-"Latiners"!
First Attempt
Second Attemmpt
By: Cody Heaton
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